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Product Designer dumps Billions in tech without Patent along with Validated Free Energy

 Product Designer dumps Billions in tech without Patent along with Validated Free Energy

Humans believe that no one is extraordinary beyond their comprehension of human abilities, where any such person may exist they simply ridicule or belittle them, the Author of the blog is one such person, capable of designing a product for any industry in a day. he offered this service free of charge to the world through LinkedIn, in return, he requested two things, his name on the patent as inventor and an acknowledgment that he can actually do what he says in one day. So ridiculed for even suggesting the he was superior than normal humans at speed of thought he withdrew the offer and decided to punish mankind for the offense,

The punishment was easy, billions and eventually trillions of dollars in patent information on new products published right here deliberately without patent, so that they could never be patented. So would never be made, you see no smart businessman will invest in something someone else could simply go and make, thus destroying his investment. So in effect the world will only get to see what they could have had.

There will be sufficient design information without writing an entire patent so anyone from the patent office can say sorry prior published art exist on that blog.

Everything on here save one game which is copyright protected, is patent free, though can never be patented, can be built by anyone.

Adding to this: Free energy "Validated" By electrical engineer from the Megawatt turbine industry, and published patent free. Insult me? sure, I will take out your energy based stock exchange as 47 and 54 prove I am the smartest person on the planet and validated, and that 101 will be built be every country in the world without energy resources and every industry that no longer wants to pay 5 times what power is really worth. Thus no energy tax, so the end of the US economy. especially as countries manufacture energy free. Oh and it would take china less than 90 days to build a nuclear level one. Palestine and Ukraine get 101 in march, the rest of the world June 20th.

No) 47 : house level - Page 2
No) 54 - school build science toy 1kw level Page 3
No 101- Nuclear level. Page 3

A duplicate of all designs can be found here

Checked the math have you? F@cking funny joke now am I?

No 1) Diesel Electric Centrifugal Drive Engine


Push a coin down onto a surface at 10 PSI, now change it to a pin tip, the power is far greater, Put a blowtorch on a sheet of steel it will cut through, change the size of the gas outlet to a larger size the heat will dissipate through the sheet.
Piston engine simply waste energy by spreading the power, A Lister Diesel engine is one of the most powerful in the world it has 1 piston and uses a flywheel, In fact it will run a generator cheaper than you can buy electricity in Australia. 
The key to the design is centrifuge, a single piston that has a twisted spindle shaft, for the lay person that is like the shaft you push down on a spinning top, to an engineer it is rack and pinion drive, a dual clutching system operates so as to separate the large flywheel driven by the twist shaft, and the electric engine, the shaft contains several blank points for the purposes of Idle, or simply running off battery. The beauty of the design is the power available from a single Lister style piston is sufficient to drive massive farm equipment, more than any car will ever use even towing, yet only uses a few litres a day, as the piston fires only about once every second driving the massive flywheel, whilst the original flywheel was beside the piston mechanism, this one drives the shaft through the centre of the flywheel., the horizontal requirement for space is simply countered by a rotary oiling system around the piston base for lubrication and cooling in the surrounding  sump chamber. Acceleration and load simply exchanging charging for direct drive/or power production.
Have a nice day.
A C Quinn Nov 5th 2014

No 2) Easy Clean Low Bacterial Risk Food Processing Conveyer

Current conveyer technology has many drawback inasmuch as roller bearings and belts can be easily contaminated and are all but impossible to clean effectively without vast amounts of chemicals and many hours of high pressure hosing.
The easy Clean start with the Tubs, standard high or los side tubas are manufacture with pressure catchers, the side of the tubs a radially splayed or sloped outward for ease of access and for the conveyer to function, the tubs are smooth with a slight bubble finish a larger version of the Yacht hull surface finish that prevents vacuum without excessive friction, the Conveyer is simply a stainless Chute/gutter the same shape as the Tubs also with raised dome shaped vacuum breakers. There is a small flow of water at all times in the base, reticulated/filtered and sent through an ultraviolet radiating tube before return to the conveyer to cut water usage. The tubs are propelled by foot controllers by conveyer staff. The side walls of the Gutter have 45 degree air jets, the pressure catchers are simple enough design in the side of the tubs, they simply have matching 45 degree indentations to catch the air, each second indentation faces the alternate direction to allow the tub to be placed on in any direction, also reversal of the tub back up the conveyer if required.
A water chute with a constant flow of water, say in fish processing is a lot of wasted contaminated water, where with this design the fish are sorted and dealt with over the long low tubs. A small rinse gutter can be installed where specific rinsing is required with foot pedal control for water.
The lip of the tubs extends slight over the flat section on either side of the Chute/gutter to prevent spray on the staff when tubs are propelled forward. The tubs are easily cleaned with no risk of remnants or contaminants, there are no conveyers or rollers to wash and a massive reduction in wearing equipment and initial build costs. It is far safer from a risk f bacterial contamination, for more cost effective to build and maintain, a far less man hours in cleaning.

A C Quinn NOV 5th 2014 

No 3) RF Controlled Safety Equipment System

Likely this will end Up mandatory in ten years. The issue with safety on many occasions is usually human error, simply forgetting or being too lazy.
The RF safety Systems has gloves with RF tags, Safety Glasses with RF tags and an Employee RF ID tag.
Tags come in sets, each has a distinct 3 piece code (or more) each piece of factory machinery be it a processing machine or forklift has the RF locking code, within close proximately the same as DVD’s have if you walk through the checkout, the machine requires the gloves in close proximately to the machine, the glasses at a specific height and an authorized person before it will switch on. This way no person can injure themselves by not being trained or allowed in the area (insurance companies will never have to worry about untrained staff,) the employee cannot suffer eye injuries and limited hand injuries. Hard hats for forklift drivers and so on.
Completely revolutionizing the safety industry requiring all machines to have an RF coding system, fortunately these are simply power on off controls that can be retrofit to any machine.
Now someone could have owned the patent on that, heel that would have been like owing the patent on orange vests. But now it is published anyone can make them.

A C Quinn Nov 5th 2014

No 4) Sterilization Protocol for Radiation of Machines

Sterilization Protocol for radiation of machines (as not exist for the machines being radiated)

Radiation Sterilization for Machines in hospitals is a flawed practice - Is uncontrolled and Has no Data checking or auditing Procedure whatsoever for the Machines being radiated.
Machines are just Radiated without any components list as to the Machine itself, many machines simply cannot have this done. There is no Audits system or even grade school level checklists of internal components and their makeup.

1) Radiation – More Specifically Ionizing radiation releases Alpha Particles - yes or no -YES
2)Beryllium 13 is affected by Alpha particles yes or no? YES
3)Beryllium 13 becomes Beryllium 12 when affected yes or no? YES
4)Beryllium 13 releases Neutrons to become Beryllium 12 yes or no? YES
5)Thorium 232 becomes Thorium 233 when bombarded by neutrons yes or no? YES
6)Thorium 233 decays into Uranium 233 yes or no? YES
7)Uranium 233 is fissionable material yes or no? YES
8)Alpha Particles + Beryllium 13 + Thorium 232 = Uranium 233 yes or no? YES
2% of all hard wearing copper components is coated with or contains Beryllium
Most filaments in televisions, computers and other electrical components are coated in Thorium 232 to protect them from electromagnetic radiation.
Aside from the decay issues and degradation of life sustaining equipment, the additional release of higher levels of thorium into the atmosphere at localized areas, Uranium 233 is fissionable Material.
It is not a question of explosions or even dangerous levels of Thorium release of particles, it is that there is no way of knowing as there is no audit system in place, no safe component level of these elements per machine established. And lastly but certainly not least, incorrect data outputs or failures by sensitive life saving or detecting equipment just from component alteration of performance. There is no white paper in existence.

The technique and subsequent practices is unsafe and unsound.

These are needed protocols and auditing practice for "the machines being radiated".

A C Quinn Oct 2014

No 5)  External Electric Heart Pump

Often the issue of someone who suffers Cardiac arrest, is that if unable to be revived within four minutes they suffer brain damage from lack of oxygen, current stupidity theories in CPR have no basis in physics, continually pumping air into the lungs is pointless with heart compressions, for only moving blood can carry oxygen to the brain.
So how do you keep the heart pumping if it simply won’t beat on its own? If this can be achieved person can be taken to hospital and put on life support that will now also include this device.
The flaw in an electric charge to the heart is like dropping a mallet on a piping bag full of icing, where what we need is the heart to pump in the same manner that it does, and it actually does contract in a given direction.
So a device that has a large surface area of dozens of electrical plate strips firing in sequence not at once will create a wave of contraction, just like the heart does itself. It is actually easy to create and test, you can do it with those electric exercise tags you place on your body connected to electrodes, they simply contract and release muscles, of note is that the smaller the contact area the smaller the amount of muscle affected, first assumption was that it was charge amount, by there are levels, where it is more relevant to size. Thus one can fire the charge in series virtually squeezing the heat muscles in the same direction that it pumps. A surgical version would simply be fine needles in series doing the same thing.
One can take 3 tags and place them on the thigh muscle at equal distance and instead of just having the muscle contract, you can make it move by firing them in series.  Proving easily the concept is viable in practical terms.

A C Quinn Nov 5th 2014

 No 6) High Altitude Balloons:

The balloon design currently is very flawed on several fronts, it like fucking men’s shirts with collars, they came up with one design, and have failed to create one innovation since.
The flaw in the designs are several tacking is limited other than by rise and fall into air currents, hot air balloons lack any insulation.
First let us deal with tacking, now take a standard mail envelope and stretch it so that it is very long, now fill It with air, stand it up, now put five in a row on mechanical upper and lower frames, now have the open and close like vertical blinds. This is you start point, in a low wind this balloon can out maneuver any previous design, as the balloon is also the rudder. But in high winds this becomes and issue as the traditional balloon shape does have some advantages in fluid dynamics. If one places a beach ball on an upward stream of air it will sit there and float in one place as air evenly flows around all sides unable to find a path of lesser resistance.
Now take the insulation issue and the need for a balloon shape at the same time, keep adding to you vertical envelop balloon until you have sufficient to make a circle of overlapping pieces. The viscosity of the material and overlap should be that when fully strained down ward, the pressure seals the inner balloon area now created. So you now have 2 balloons in one, that can have tension released and mechanical turn for tacking, the upper section of the balloon say 15 percent is a dome, like the normal top, allowing the twist of the blade balloons,
The greatest insulator on earth is air, so the inner balloon is now heat insulated from losses by the outer blade shaped balloons, The additional weight is correct by the additional lift available, and lesser energy used by the dual balloon array. Your primary air is always the outer, for if need be to tack you will be opening the blades and centre to do so.
If a balloon was to suffer a major tear it will simply plummet, whilst it would not look too pretty with a blade or two deflated this would not. The super beauty of having a mechanical ring around the base is that it can be extended telescopically with a single air cylinder and one burst of air in pneumatics, opening the base ring size “et Viola” Parachute effect.

A C Quinn NOV 5th 2014

No 7)  High Efficiency Aircraft Tail section

I have previously published this one but so that you are aware of who designed it I will repeat it here. The current air craft tail wing is limited in efficiency, it works like a tiger shark tail, however a dual fisn fish tail is the most effect for turn. Take an aircraft tail, imagining another tail 2/3 the size inside it, invert that tail and lower until the base fits inside the upper section, Simply add hydraulics and lower after takeoff, the plane will outmaneuver any single tail aircraft.

A C Quinn


No 8) Forma Pipe, In situe casting of concrete Pipes for 3rd world countries

One of the greatest expense of concrete Pipes of any large size is actually transport, third world countries simply cannot afford to build roads cable of such vehicles where even roads were possible, yet the necessity for water flow and sewerage exists no the less. Whilst some hundreds of millions could be spent with Chinook helicopter here to carry each section, the very nature of the term “3rd world” prevents such ideals, however it should not remove that ability to have such improvements where one is able to carry smaller loads of cement in via tracks and donkeys of need be.
The Forma Pipe can be used in any shape not merely cylindrical.
The Forma Pipe is a polymer (likely polypropylene) pipe the desire length, the pipe has four convex sections that comprise part of the cylindrical shape of the inner pipe wall, each of the pieces is connect by a flexible medium, one would best describe as Tear stop vinyl by likeness. The pipe has as flute end section as per normal fluting for sectional joining. The pipe has self supports at each end so that it may be centered in the areas where it will form the centre of the new pipe, each end has a plugs that is clasp affixed to each end, this collar and plug is protected by form-work during manufacture.
In the base of the trench where the pipe is to be laid is a half pipe outer cast section of polypropylene or equivalent polymer strength and mold separation properties,, the Forma pipe is interested suspended above this, reinforcing is optional, an upper half pipe section is locked in place overhead with multiple fill points for concrete these are sufficient to easily fill and later place vibrators in to settle the mix and remove air. Prior to the pour the Forma pipe is connected to air compressors and inflated to a full cylinder with the flexible sections expanding. The cement is poured in (larger pipes may require some of the base filled before the outer half pipe is connected). Once full and vibration has commenced, lift rings will be placed into the cement.
Once the vibration time has elapsed the pipe will be left for several days(depending on thickness, then the upper cast removed, then the Forma Pipe’s air is released enable it to be removed, though this is not dome immediately, we are only allowing air inside at the moment not physical interaction of a dragging nature as is require to remove the now smaller inner mold section. Once the appropriate strength time is reach, the inner forma pipe is dragged out, and the pipe lifted via the rings and the lower cast mold removed, the pipe is them slide along the trench to meet the last pipe cast. Small hydraulic jack cranes can be used for lift and positioning. This means that pipes only have to be moved a metre or so from the cast point. Where crane trucks may not have access.

A C Quinn Nov 5th 2014

No 9-12) Multiple Tile designs. Johnson and Beaumont tiles both blew it big time

This one I am going to list many several have mechanical patent abilities (well until I just published it,) many others copyright design.
I am going all out on this one as I personally contacted Danny Casey head of Beaumont Tiles in Adelaide who pays hundreds of thousand for a design team, I additionally offered it to Johnson Tiles in England, both for free, they didn’t not know what I had to offer but both ignored me like everyone else, this I enjoy the most because it was personally offered and they spend fortunes on idiots who simply come up with crappy color patterns. So now the world will know what #$#^#  they are, and also when I say I can design for any industry I mean any industry. Sit back fuckers these will blow your mind.
The first is simple, every fucker on the entire planet for ever has hated one thing about tile floors, hell all floors, and that is no matter what type of broom or mop, you cannot clean that fucking edge where the floor joins  the walls, that dirty brown grout line that is always there. So Right angle edge tiles with a radial rounded corner so there is no crack no edge just a rounded slope upward for every mop to simply wipe clean.
The Shower insert, why tile a square box in the shower, you make soap holders, make a multi shelf shampoo bottle insert the same way and, be clever, don’t have a flush fit drop in, otherwise people will buy it and tiles elsewhere, have it with a lip of a quarter size of your tile that matches so they have to use your tiles.
Tiling from floor to ceiling is common in bathrooms and kitchens now so have molded curtain rod holder tiles. Now for some really holy shit, the track tile, comes in 800 length is raised like a railway track with a 20mm groove section, no more idiots trying to silicone shower screens to floors, you have several smaller extender sections for larger ones and corner track sections, hell white would have gone with anyone’s tiles but no patent now fuckers.
Now for the up yours interior designers, you could have killed on the Block TV show with this. "Painting with tiles", tiles forever have had one downfall, pattern link, so 12mm or smaller circle tiles on mesh on rolls like carpet, every colour under the sun, paint splash shapes brush stroke shapes, banana leaf shapes fern shapes anything you like will go onto the Brush strokes range, because whatever shape you have you can Stanley knife the background to fit, you could do tropical scenes, rainforests scenes, copy Monet paintings you could have blown the world away with “Brush strokes” so from me to both of you aaahhh, well I guess the public and business world now know what a sort of decision you both made, and will have appropriate names.  How’s the hundreds of thousands for design staff workin out for ya now? Come up with another cute square tile colour have they? yeah I know it sucks when there is nothing but the truth, that these two were made the offer for free and declined. so no slander or legal right to have their names removed.

A C Quinn 5th Nov 2014

No 13)  Coffee Anyone?? This is worth (well was worth) a billion hands down on its own

Every buy a cup of coffee takeaway? Ever try to stir in the sugar whilst you walking or driving? How stupid are those packets of sugar, people have tried everything sugar pressed into a spoon all that crap. The problem is that at home you put the sugar in first by the time you pour the water its pretty much done.
So I designed a solution, ever tear a paper strip off something to open it? So inside the cup is a simple air pocket that is fill with sugar up the side wall, sealed in the factory with a tear tab that pulls up from the bottom, the tag end is near the top of the cup, you have 1 sugar or 2 sugar cups (with actual full teaspoons of sugar not this shit in a sugar packet) so the cup price only increases by the same amount that a sugar packet costs anyway, so costs are the same you staff labor is down and you clients are stoked, but wait, this is not just MacDonald’s and every chain store in the world, now add coffee to another strip, and every one going camping could have had Moccona coffee, truck drivers, lazy people at home or in a rush, when people in the house are sick and you’d rather not use drinking cups.
A billion ????hell several billion dollars a year, oooopps “GONE” can’t patent something deliberately published. Feeling sick yet? you wait till I get closer to a trillion the you will maybe see, how I feel about you monkeys treating me like an idiot for 50 years.
This one I was going to give to some guy on LinkedIn who thought it was unfair his coffee chain was doing badly after they started the whole fair trade thing, I said I could save it, he only need ask, he never did. Buh Bow.

A C Quinn 5th Nov 2014

No 14)  One piece car battery tester

Do you know how many battery testers there are in the world?? Hundreds of different types, do you know how many are one piece not this stupid two leads thing?? About a few dozen, do you know what they test? Household batteries like AA and AAA batteries? Do you know how many people test there batteries at home? Do you even know anyone who gives a flying fuck??
Now car batteries on the other hand or deep cycle batteries millions of people check, because it is half of industry and self sustaining technology, how many one piece car battery testers are there?? NONE
It aint hard dumbasses, a simply Voltage display in the centre of two pieces of metal, one wire goes to one side and one to the other side, just like a ruler with two protrusions for batteries still in cars (you know all that plastic and shit,) a simple plastic cover and done. It aint hard dummies. Coz that’s a little slow on the money side I’ll make this a 2for1.
Take the same concept and mold it into the upper plastic of all your companies deep cycle batteries and it will always had an LED voltage display, they use nothing in power. So that is number 14 for the day
Why am I pissed and giving this shit away? coz I’m the one rollin smokes from a fucking ashtray whilst you’re paying hundreds of thousands, hell millions out for design teams who couldn’t come up with a decent product in a fucking year. I wouldn’t wipe my ass on a Harvard degree in anything, my ass hole has higher standards than that. Sure I’ve run more companies than most of you fuckers own decent sets of clothes from resorts to electrical engineering firms (not my own firms either), but that ain’t the point. I am just fucked off that some cunt can walk in with a piece of paper that says “I have training” and be listened to, and I say, hell I can do the job and show you I can do the job in a day, and no one listens, well are we listing now fuckers?, how’s all the products you world will never see lining up for you, who the fuck would risk the investments? So someone else can make it because there is no patent. I think we should fuck Richard Branson next along with the US air force, so we will do aircraft wings (fuck you people really suck at fluid dynamics) Let’s finish the day with a real stick up the ass.

A C Quinn Nov 5th 2014

No 15)  New Aircraft Wing Design (Branson and the Military suck at this)

I laugh every time I see any aircraft, the wing design is just rubbish, like everything, the aerodynamics engineers have mistaken habit for physics; it was simply the discovery of flight dumbasses. OOhh look if we make the top of the wing curved and longer and the bottom flat the wind will pass quicker under the wing than over to yahoo we are geniuses. No you’re not your fucking idiots, that was kinda an optical illusion when it was first discovered by looking at a bird wing, ooh look if you draw a line under that curved wing and the measure the curve over the top we have flight, yeah well a little bit. 

Birds fly because of fluid dynamics not human aerodynamics of the visual impact the bird wing appears to use, in fact the bird wing is longer under than over, not shorter, remember the bird wing is curved underneath too, you are only measuring from to back from the end of the curves. The reason the bird flies is water fluid dynamics. If you grab the wing of a bird, there is a section that drops down and then sharply back up, like if someone placed a giant pool noodle along under the front edge of an aircraft wing, this is what makes them fly. Why? Fluid dynamics 101.
Place a cylinder in a stream across the bottom, now add a few drops of food coloring and watch what happens, the water does not go up over and down, no, the water now lifts at the curve and travels way past the log and then down missing all that surface area entirely, that is why the bird does not need that flat bottom, because the airflow does not touch the first 25 percent of the wing after the curve. You’re wing design is just rubbish, the air is in contact with the entire lower surface of man-made wings when it does not need to be.
The public is probably also a little mislead that modern jets and batwing aircraft have little such design, it is true, the rely in fuel consumption and power, extended flap sections that when raised or lowered increase or decrease the surface length. But commercial airliners need better fuel consumption not Mach 2 speed and massive fuel consumption.
Once you have mastered this, I will teach you maybe in another 50 years what an aircraft should look like altogether, and it anything like your designs or movie aircraft.
Can I convince anyone I am smarter the Virgin or NASA? Sure ok 5 years olds, go and but two Frisbees, get daddy to fill one with expanda foam, the cut it level with the bottom, now throw them both, which one has the greatest lift, the one now shaped like and air craft wing? Or the one with the roll under the edge like mine? Normally I’d say it ain’t rocket science, well I suppose it isn’t, you fuckers have master the airplane yet.
Rockets science that’s hilarious, the day NASA said they were funding the Scram jet I nearly died laughing, “hey this is cool” it burns air for fuel, the faster it goes so the more air it burns exponentially.?? Really??, I kind thought it was dual fuel, which means the more oxygen it burns, the more fuel it needs to carry and the load increases, adding to that it was meant to be stratospheric, meaning hey dumasses, there is almost no oxygen there. How’s that one working out for ya by the way?, haven’t seen it blazing away in the news since then, hey, give me 3 billion, that’s only cokes marketing budget for one year and I’ll build you something that won’t work either, or you can just read working items here for free, but of course no control over the patent.  Oohh Harvard don’t you wish you could be that smart??

Birds reach the altitude of aircraft easily, it is not that they are light in weight all items are subject to airflow by weight birds and planes, you already have the best design? look at a box kite, it has none of those things. 

You want the perfect wing design? take my advice add the roll below the front edge, place it is a wind tunnel and at the point when the air hits the underside of the wing it will perform a fluid dynamics bounce, mark that point for that is where the secondary wing piece will lower from the main wing (you could have it fixed) so your one piece wing splits via hydraulics into a staggered bi plane wing, that's why the red baron kicked everyone's ass, bi planes and triplanes had better lift. we simply forgot that with the advent of the jet engine.

The drop point is crucial, it must be in the bounce zone to split the air, otherwise two close wings do not work, the fast moving air over the upper surface on the lower wing will equalize the lower wing if close and directly below each other, which is why they have to be staggered to the bounce point. try it in a wind tunnel or with the cylinder in the water, you will see the first arc and then the bounce effect, like a sinus wave. Lesson complete.

A C Quinn 5th Nov 2014

No 16) SteriSleeve – A product design to reduce the risk of Infectious diseases such as Ebola.

One of the primary risks with infectious disease is surface touch, in hospitals it is simply impossible to wipe down ever surface every 5 minutes. The SteriSleeve removes that requirement.
Cables for equipment in surgical theaters and patient rooms are one of the most touched items, in fact if you watch someone handle a cord they always slide their hand along it, we never simply grab the plug, it is impossible to open a container with gloves on and then remove the gloves and not touch the container. Gloves are our worst invention, people wear them in kitchens and hospitals and touch everything so cross contamination is huge, everyone thinks the gloves stop everything, they stop nothing at all except contaminating the wearer. So that door handle that was touched by the glove wearer has everything that was on the glove, so do the cables on the machines, so do the side rails on the patients beds etc etc.
SteriSleeve is a fibre composite, (paper/cloth) that is impregnated with anti bacterial and antiseptic agents,  it comes in rolls dispensed from boxes, it has two types tubular sleeve that is cut to length and slide over cables or is flat with a wrap around self adhesion for door handles and railings on bed etc, arm rests for waiting room chairs, it can even be pattern for things like chairs etc so as not to detract too much from a calm inviting environment. The inner or under surface of the SteriSleeve is coated with silicone spray or another non slip agent, this prevents the item from sliding or moving easily.
The key to SteriSleeve use is having two people replace it, one removing it at desired time frames and a second following and applying the new one, it is pointless to have the contaminated gloves of the remover installing the new uncontaminated product. The SteriSleeve, also has SteriStrip which is different but  similar to the wrap version, it has wall and machine adhesion. EG: a square with the cloth edging has a clear cellulose front to cover switch points anther high contact area, these are one of the most crucial as switchs cannot be sprayed nor radiated to kill any infectious components. So too machines have the same problem. The strips can be folded over hand held cable controls like TV remotes and Nurse call buttons for patients.  Of note (having been in hospital nay times recently) is that the room cleaners do not change gloves between rooms, this must stop immediately, the gloves do not kill the contaminates they pick up, and are simply transferred to the next room.
Of greatest risks and unnoticed the world over are the food trays, they are taken to the door provided by the person containing the infectious person, and simply removed the same way so that they travel contaminated back to the kitchen area through a corridor of people. It is insane and no hospital seems to have even realized it and put it in their handling procedures (that is my auditor training kicking in, just thought I would mention it.)

A C Quinn Nov 6th 2014 

No 17) The work Pad Tablet – a far superior tablet than an Ipad for companies.

The issues of Ipads and the like simply have not changed, trying to get photos downloaded or files is just a nightmare, if one cannot simply plug a device in and download it it is ancient technology, reliance on cloud and other rubbish is insane, having company tech and secrets of any kind in the hands of a third party is just not smart business, I know someone who lost all their cloud info, every single file gone, But primarily it is speed. Plug and play will never be beaten any logging in and transfer to a secondary software and most certainly not an online system, hey the internets is down, your company is fucked, as simple as a burnt out router or some clown forgot to pay the internet company. The internet is not one of your employees, neither is cloud. You and you alone must rely on no outside or online source for your daily operations thus the word pad. Every one will want this once they realize there is no security anymore.
There is a plug bank, in the central employee entrance area (not the public area) one simply walks in the door and the pad has a standard plug and play feature and hardware appropriate to the device, not the recharge socket ever, man hasn’t that been a night mare, every time you charge your phone you damage the information input point, I am on my third Samsung phone that I cannot download phots from because the charger point is damaged from use.
The staff use their tablet for all company uses be it sales or tech design and when the person ebters the building they plug it into the bank beside the others, just like we used to do with phone batteries. Now everyone who is authorized can access it just like a hard drive, you never need to email your boss anything or another department, no information ever travels over the internet, you can have conversations both viewing the same file from different offices, or via an Intranet server to corporate headquarters in another state or country. Everyone sees the same thing, everyone who is authorized can add to it download it etc etc. Ipads have a real issue with security inasmuch as they can be remote accessed like any phone, they can be tapped like a phone and hacked like a phone, the work tablets is strictly and offline device that can only be accessed via direct plug in to a matching system. Both in plug type and in encryption set by the device and receiver. So it cannot even download in someone else same setup. It has no Bluetooth or infra red nor modem of any kind to be hacked by anyone. There are a million toys to do the internet work, you phone will do them all, there is no reason for companies to allow third parties to ever have access to company information not even your internet provider.
When you sign up for internet you agree that your information may be provide to “relevant authorities” yet the government is equally a competitor, especially now that America invades to “protect its interests” they are other people’s property, that oil that gas, it belongs to other countries, and when someone like Libya say they do not want American dollars anymore look what happens, America feels it has the right to steal whatever will make their country stronger, and technology is no exception, in fact it is now the rule. Remember any US company your new product could take out is a 30 cents in the dollar loss to the US government, they lose a billion in every 3 you take out, now they call that, food security and energy security. Make no mistake they will steal it all, they already absolved themselves from prosecution under international law, so Patent theft, and stealing IP is a nothing to them. This is the wave of the future, why do you think they had patent laws changed to first to lodge instead of prior art proving you invented it???? Some govt person anonymously drop all your tech off to a US company with a note that says, no patent yet.  This beats every encryption program in the world, because there is no access at all physically to the outside world.

A C Quinn Nov 6th 2014 

No 18) The Pussy Jack – a motor vehicle jack for person not strong enough to wind or pump a car jack.

Simply replace the hydraulics with Pneumatics, have the jack have a screw in facilitator that take a soda stream type pressurized cylinder. They have a continual market like the soda stream bottles do, and the jack simply has a trigger to pump up the jack rather than a handle. Far quicker than the same method using when a small compressor is used to pump up an inflatable jack. If you wanted to get high tech, you could have the air simply rotate an internal lever operating a hydraulic jack to do the same thing.

A C Quinn Nov 6th 2014  

No 19) The Carbon Chemical Spill Extinguisher – 

Current chemical spill containment methods are woeful at best, the greater the effectiveness the greater the mess and clean up, neither of which really neutralize the chemical.
This comes in a personal size for on the floor personnel spills where a human has had a chemical spill on their body, and a commercial size for backpacks and for fire trucks etc to have on board.
The problem is the content of what they are using,  the correct ingredient should be powdered activated charcoal or carbon, this absorbs all chemicals and neutralizes them with foam, a quick spray from a small one on a chemical spill on your hand will quickly neutralize any chemical except biological items (germ based) or Ammonia. The contents are not only harmless to humans but you can actually eat it, it is what charcoal tablets are made from. This also prevents hasty application of water that may have a poor outcome on mixing with the chemical as many do.
The additive to larger spills of a tanker size is simply paper spray, the same as we use for the sides of embankments to grow grass in new highways etc. this will remove the danger of drainage system contamination by simply making it a flood zone.

A C Quinn Nov 6th 2014

No 20) Insurance – An insurance dispenser in car parks.

A computer system that simply has insurance dispensers for your car at the car park, there is none of this market vale bullshit, no market valuation was ever able to buy that car. An FJ40 landcruiser has a market value of $500 yet you cannot buy a registered roadworthy one for under $7000. So it will be enter plate number and insurance amount required and the price will be according to that amount for the duration of the parking. The company installing the dispensers has a set of cameras either side of entry where each car has photos logged on file of it condition right down to a scratch.
Row cameras simply work on motion control to film any offenders, and exterior ones in case someone chose to wear any facial coverings inside the car park. A couple of dollars is still a multi multi million dollar industry, though now not patentable, everyone could still do it, even a non insurance company only doing that. Market value simply won’t work. It’s why I use Shannons not every other shafting insurer and it usually cost less than the thieving scumbags charge for jack shit insurance.. Now extend that to a hundred other industries, on the spot insurance, told you I could do any industry.

A C Quinn Nov 6th 2014.

No 21) Hydro 1, shallow water No drop Hydro.

The flaw in hydro is to think that A) you need some antique rotating turbine or B) there has to be some sort of water fall. You need neither once again the human monkeys have been building shot for so long since the first design they have mistaken habit for physics. Electrical generation is simply coils passing magnetic arrays nothing more.
This is the spear generator, they are simply planks or bars of coils, side bay side with the same in magnetic arrays, they simply go back and forward doing exactly what circular turbines do, only they are much more flexible in their applications.
Take a frame and have the magnetic arrays fixed to the frame, multiple rows of them in the same direction as the river, long boards for want of a visual effect, now take the coil arrays and having them on a mobile rack within, The coil arrays between the magnetic, they (the coil array lengths)are simply connected to giant industrial springs (coil would work but roller springs would run further) that have a simple drop curtain at the end, solenoid activates full metal plate drops across the front of the rack going across the river, as the water now catches the plate it pulls the coil rack forward, as it reach length the solenoid pops the plate back up again, the spring retract the frame and it simply keeps repeating, at some reasonable speed. The beauty is the racks are on floatation as the water pulls, it pulls the front down, when it releases the rack pops up allowing a zero water drag return for the coils, hell you could have them well suspended out of the water. Attached to the down river side of a bridge to be lifted in time of flood and so on. The beauty is also instant size adaption to any creeks or river that has no waterfall drop.
They would even work on good tidal flow currents, far better than the rubbish they have invented to date. You fuckers really are seriously still in monkey land compared to where the human race should be. Make me physically sick watching you stumble about like you didn’t discover this a hundred year ago. Stop thinking your inventions are physics, they are just inventions, not why they work.

If you have the distance and the water is deep enough use a clutched locomotive arm, let the river pull it fast downstream, the when it reach its full run, have the arm turned by a small wheel to bring it back, you still have the steel curtain, but a longer run than even a roller spring will give you

A C Quinn Nov 6th 2014

No 22) Hydro 2 , teaching the monkeys even coastal country has hydro at the doorstep.

Man you moneys really are shit at opening your eyes, have you seen some of the dumb shit they are spending billions on trying to get tide energy? Hey fuckheads its water it flows, take anywhere that has a 3 metre tidal rise near shore, you could build in the ocean, but that is costly, simply build it on land on the coat and cut the opening when finished.

Try this monkeys, if there is a wall in the water, and from low tide the water rises up the wall, what do you have monkeys? More water behind a wall than the fucking Hoover dam you dumbasses, now build holes in the walls at the half the highest of the lowest high tide point per annum with fucking hydro turbines, one every 10 metres, “it’s the fucking ocean” it will not lower or run out, got it? Now, after a full tide run, which is all of the second half of the incoming and the first half of the outgoing, simply open the gates at the bottom and let all the water back out.
IT AIN’T FUCKING ROCKET SCIENCE YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCKERS.  Dear god aliens someone please get me off the fucking planet of the fucking apes.

and I'm the one without a job??? 

A C Quinn Nov 6th 2014 

No 23) The Magna Sketch Any Stencil .   

The perfect stencil, for art for writing and cutting out names in icing, cookie dough or clay.

Ever try to actually write with icing? Ever see something you wanted to trace? Well many years ago there were several products now lost to time and the rubbish f computer games, one was Spirograph and the other was a copying toy, you put a pencil or pen in one side and traced with the other side, whatever your hand traced over it would draw it with the other pen on the device, you could make it larger or smaller. Yet it was a toy, plastic and very flimsy by construction, though I understand there were some commercial attempts made at  it.
However this is a newer version design from stainless steel for the kitchen with a modern twist, the left hand side is a blade, well really a fine pin, rather than an inserted pencil, and the other side is a stencil, the “Any Stencil”, it is a board of fine pins that much like those ones you press your hand or face in and the pins press out the shape, this one is plugged into your laptop, and the pins are controlled by a magnetic field underneath, a picture or series of letter is chosen and you press go, all of the non picture pasts are left raised and the desired stencil is left cut out, now your simply draw with the rod around the stencil, whilst over you cookie dough, or rolled icing or even thin rolled modeling clay, perfect letters and pictures cut out every time.

A C Quinn 6th Nov 2014

No 24) Coldrock – A lightweight super insulator that cools faster than any substance known to man.

The Coldrock  was something that was not merely invented on paper as a potential product it was in fact made by the author. Insulation against fire was it’s original design purpose something light enough to fill vehicle panels that would allow a fire to rage against it until glowing with zero heat transmission above human normal tolerance and cool within seconds.
Once the product which comprised 7 different natural mineral compounds of different densities and heating and cooling properties was successfully made, it was release that roof tiles footpaths in the desert sun would simply be ice cold. But then America invaded Libya for oil, no rebel army, 4 million mobile phones for 4 months and only the same 12 guys with guns. About as credible as the same 12 guys with guns for iSIS, ISIS a little more hilarious as the photos are of men in black in the desert, a worse colour than white, living and training and the cloths cleaner than Donald Trumps suit. The first link is admission by the US Government they hired Terrorists to play the part of the Rebels, against a country who attacked no one had no civil war and was the greatest democracy on earth with 2000 congress halls where everyone voted on how the money was spent no politicians, the reason it was bombed, you can’t control oil if there are no politicians to bribe, as an ex NATO soldier from a family of NATO soldiers I swore I would never provide any assistance to the US or Any NATO force in anyway, and this would save military lives. 

The second video is the item in my hand under a blowtorch glowing red Millimetres from my fingers but not heat transfer and the area where glowing red placed on my hand in 10 seconds. This, without cooling or heat sinking is Impossibility in Physics according to heat transference to ambient air.  The US does not even defend attacking an innocent nation, it merely believes the error was not removing their new friends from the terrorist list. The coldrock video, I have videos of quite a few impossible to do things, well no longer impossible, simply not achieved by any other person in history, you will get to see more.

The videos are so you know that when someone tells you something cannot be done, it merely means that, they have not done it. Knowledge is having done something being taught at Harvard is simply conditioning to believe it is true, my son could recite the theory of relativity at 18 months, tell you who landed on the moon, give you insights into Ben Franklin and so on, everyone thought he was a savant, he was simply a parrot repeating what I had drummed into him over and over as a party trick, so too everything a professor is telling you is 99 percent conditioning, not knowledge, written by people who also did not “actually know the truth” fire burns your hand is not knowledge, it is only knowledge once you have been burnt, or you have seen it with your own eyes.

A C Quinn Nov 7th 2014

No 25) Blast board - Skate Board – Blast Bike

The problem with skateboards an BMX bikes is they have reached their potential in what you can do with them. this never to be manufactured without a patent product well not for many years is the one the whole 100’s of millions of them would kill for. The next generation in mind-blowing and death tricks.
Every single one of them dreamed of the rocket board for a jump, well this is the next best thing, not some silly electric skateboard, we already have them and petrol boards, this is the blast board, designed for one purpose a super blast of power when coming into a jump, or at that point coming down the half pipe where gaining speed changes to momentum, or that need to jump across distances simply too far.
The blast board is a 240 volt board, unlike low voltage boards that simply cruise along, the blast board relies on the same motor as what is in a Metabo drill. This drill if it catches can actually break your arm it is so powerful in torque, it can throw a man across a deck (that was me when it jammed)( and I weigh better than 250 pounds) the key is an inverter coil. Inverters are primarily big boxes of air, a coil and a circuit board that only controls over charge etc, the coil is the only inversion item.
The boards would have a hollow centre, very thin, yet still hollow the length of the board, the batteries look like thin pieces of plastic, they are polycarbonate shell with Lithium Ion battery inners both are flexible (most battery inners of chemical batteries are) they are approx 300mm long and slot in from the side flex with the board and provide strength as well. The coil is located with the motor between the rear wheel section. The board is slightly raised to compensate so is a small percentage wider  to balance the rise. There is a heel button or blast button on the upper rear of the board that simply dumps the power to the motor whilst being depressed.
Practice in just handling the board will take some getting used to, like a treadmill if your turned it on standing there. So depression whilst moving is key. Are they dangerous? HELL YEAH, that’s why they would have ruled the world, but hey so are mini bikes dirt bikes and a million other powered toys.
Imagine blasting a half pipe and soaring into the air if you don’t making the landing, awesome they would be yelling, same as not making a jump on a bike. That’s what is cool is danger, that’s why this had there been a patent would have been closer to the billions in sales. BUH BOW. But hey I’m just a fucken idiot right? When I am done the coolest industrial and domestic inventions of your next 50 years will be fucked. Because like I said On LinkedIn, I can design a product for any industry in a day, usually half a dozen or more, and all nothing like the world has ever seen. Hey there is a comments section on the Blog, go ahead insult me some more, I’ll take it to 200 and do mostly medical items that would save lives like the heart machine and Sterisleeve and take that from your future as well. No investor will touch an unpatentable product.  

A C Quinn Nov 7th 2014

No 26) Email a door Key. - The greatest leap forward in door key technology in the world.

The problem with the idiots who have been advancing rack et and house key technology is they forget they are now backfiring big time, no one can pick up you voice or thumbprint car, no one can get into your house when your away to put the fire out or turn off you stove. The high tech version of the eye scanner is just stupid, it has to be transferable so, what of someone could email you the key to you house. Now if this ain’t worth a billion or ten down the toilet in lost patent I don’t know what is.
USB Keys, the USB has a file code that unlocks the car or house, it has its own battery so still performs as a remote once the right file codes are on the USB key, The owner can change the code at any time in the car or via remote with the car’s GPS tracker receiver. This means if someone steals the car because you left the key in it or got a hold of you key code for the day, you can simply override it. Perfection in building security as no one needs to pull out your eye ball or cut off your fingers for keys, the code can be changed every day. And yes when you need your friend to move your car or check your house your spare key is simply plugged into the computer and downloads the current key code, the email code has a security feature different to the normal code, it means no one can change the code in the car or on a computer having a working key to lock the owner out, as it is a temp code. A real estate agent can send you the key after you pay for you holiday, and email the code the day before.

You could have scanners and bar code style printable keys, but then the cost to do a house door lock would be far greater than a computer mechanized pop lock because of the scanner cost.
Hotels can stop wasting money on disposable printed cards the list is endless.  Oops was endless, not patentable now Buh Bow and another 10 billion bites the dust.

A C Quinn Nov 7th 2014.

No 27) ExtrudaCut – an entire new Manufacturing process for metals and plastics products.

Humans simply do not think laterally in fact the linear thought process extend to design in products, most metal products are either extruded/drawn or folded or molded, the same can be said of plastics, most of it is simply double handing with massive human interface especially in folded items, this is not necessary with ExtrudaCut. People have been cutting extrusions for years but not into molded finished products in this manner.
Well will take something simple in the mind’s eye, a park bench, now you see that frame that has been hand rolled into the shape of legs, now imagine the piece is say 100mm wide instead of 50mm wide, now imagine it is 2 metres wide fully under the whole seat or 10 metres long, because the items is extruded in that shape in lengths not a strap that is then hand rolled, the extrusion length lass over solid key steel matching shaped cutting blocks where the items are simply cut to width, it is now 50mm wide and exactly the same as the item that was under the bench with no labor involved to do it.
Ok now think of a plastic chair, those stupid one that have no legs and just look like one piece of plastic bent into the shape of a chair or even the ones that have a front a rear single sheet as legs, injection molding is slow compared to extrusion and the machinery wear and tear high, you can simply extrude the chits and cut them into the right width as you go and probably 20 to 1 in speed, there are things for many items where a plastic edge is inserted and heated to give a shape to the edge. If required. Now those were to get you mind around the basics,
Now think real change, you can extrude MDF timber, like we do for skirting boards, now make them Book shelves or kitchen cupboards, simply cut into depth requirements as many shelves as are needed, automated 2 pack coating, simply add bench tops and doors, we make them out of MDF anyway and that crappy laminate always peels and laminate does not seal the damn things from water. Gee I dunno a hundred cupboards or book cases an hour with no carpenters????
Have you ever see water tanks made? It is very slow with rotary molding, the beauty of extrusion is that they can be multitude walls for strength and insulation against heat additionally the only tank where if the outer skin is pierced the tank won’t leak, then the base is simply put on like the tops are now plastic welded, sure you have one extra staff now welding but you are spitting out tanks 20 to 1, amazing what you can do with screw feeds and giant hoppers.
Sure you can’t patent it but hey, if you want to kick your competitions ass, then only the High speed thought capacity of The Mighty Quinn will do the Job.

A C Quinn Nov 7th 2014

No 28 ) Single Cell Car Batteries – Lower cost higher power per kg.

The really isn’t much of an invention, though it would have been patentable because no such battery exists, it simply demonstrates the monkey level intelligence of humans and about 10 million mechanical and electrical engineers.
For the lay person a quick battery lesson, the word battery simply means battery of cells linked together.
Now ( = means average output)
40kg 24 Volt battery = 100 amp hours
40kg 12 Volt battery = 200 amp hours
40kg 6 Volt battery = 400 amp hours
40kg 2 Volt cell = 1200 amp hours
Plug them all into an inverter and the Kilowatt output is exactly the same, the stupidity of the monkey Harvard Humans fail to even understand the basics that A) there is no need to spned billions per year making multiple cells, B) inversion coils have been around retail for about 30 years. C) and inverter is a box of air with charge controllers no require for this.
An inversion coil is simply the windings in relation to voltage in to required voltage out, a separate compartment with the coil to the upper terminal will make every single 2 Volt cell battery whatever voltage you want. Done YOOOUUUU Dickheads.
And another billion or so bites the dust, oohh imagine if you had owned that patent? Buh Bow. The real lesson by now is the fucking stupid statement made by every complete fuckwit on the planet “hey man if you were the smartest guy in the world you would be the richest guy in the world” really fuckheads? Does it seeeem that way now?
Oh and batteries produce power by the amount of surface area of lead to acid/chemical “per cell” not per battery. So the power automatically increases as well. The same as parallel batteries drop because of the lowest performing battery, or cell in the link.
We must be up to 50 to a hundred billion by now, we might make the trillion yet.

A C Quinn Nov 7th 2014

No 29) Stealth Bomber Pixel Radar Detector.- No more hiding.

The stealth Bomber simply works on bounce of signal to hide itself, this new technology beats that as there is no ping at all, it is simply a long range movement detector, so good it would pick up an asteroid that’s how high it works with perfect precision every time.
The Rader bank is comprised of thousand of mini telescopic lenses that take photos like pixels, the Radar computer simply logs the pictures instantly and they are taken almost like video at a very high rate, the computer has the most basic algorithm known to nerds, and that is tracking changes in the pixels, a basis point is set to determine any object that moves or tracked changed that would equate to 100klms and hour or more, leaving most cloud behind and birds etc. weather forecasts of current conditions can alter the parameter to adjust for higher winds.
But the pixels don’t lie, no plane can pass from one pixel shot to another in succession without the computer sounding an alert. Offshore ships can track anything at any altitude, it doesn’t need to swing like  a normal radar, it can be a sphere tracing the whole sky, No plane has a method of hiding in stealth from light changes. During cloud periods that is also cool, stealth bombers are shit when covered in water, and anyway spy planes with the same radar can do switch runs above the clouds in times of high alert. The programs are in fact very basic, the same as any document or photographic track changes program, it does not have to see or recognize a plane, simply a smudge or pixel light colour change that is repeating in a movement pattern consistent with speed, aside from starlight scope, infra red filters etc at night, it will notice what is also not there, a change can be disappearing stars because something is in front of it, and outside of a lit area, even with the human eye there are no blank spots not filled with stars. During the day it is all lit. Having to wait for cloud cover simply puts Stealth tech back to world war two level. Naturally all radar of any kind is like a photo of a picnic, you can’t see the ants until you know where to look the zoom; at that point a linked separate super scope with multiple lenses and filter types zooms to the suspected target area. I am sure than human monkeys are only 5 to 10 years from laser scopes anyway making lenses obsolete. (ink dye separation monkeys, ya know dumbasses, the same as the spectrum splits in an prism or is reversed when the separations are connected, it’s like fiber optics to the target without a cable)

Stick that up your ass Langley Virginia, the real brains behind all the invasions not the dumbass military who believe guys in dry-cleaned suits are ISIS, I often wondered, you know, that the 4 million people with phones with cameras for 3 months who never took one picture of a Libyan rebel army, did you use the same 12 guys with guns for the ISIS photos? Shoulda stayed away from using black to look evil, it gets dirtier than white even sitting on a dusty chair, much less pretending they were terrorists living and training in the dirt yet dry clean spotless. Yes of course silly me, must have been the dry cleaning camel train passed by minutes before. Yeah you really are the master race, not for your really really bad bullshit stories, but that you ended up with a population of zombies just nodding their heads, was it the water? ( I don’t drink the tap water)

Hope you got that China you ain't on the terrorist list yet, but I'm bettin that's just a time factor (remember agenda 21 the US signed at the United Nations means you've gotta go, population control and all) hey no harm no foul, I’m just an idiot right? They would have already thought of that right, yeah like everything on this page right?

A C Quinn Nov 7th 2014

No 30) Liquid Wire & Coils – Using mineralised water instead of copper for coils.

Electromagnetic fields can be created by any metal that contains a current, so too liquid can carry a current. The future of these coils in liquid will surpass metals for one primary reason; they will be the world first adjustable coils. Resistance is static once a wire or coil is made, but where the fluid is on an adjustable loop and mineral levels can be altered, so too can the resistance of the liquid wire can be modified by fluid pumps. Voltage and current can be controlled; magnetic field can be more easily manipulated. Mineralized fluid around a simple iron core can create an electromagnet.
This scientific breakthrough will change the course of history in electrical engineering, why? Not merely the adjustable factor or lack of need for expensive metals, but for a generator it can do one thing no other coil can do, have no EMF cogging flux, unlike the metal, around a core the flux induction remains, where with a fluid coil, without charge has no EMF flux at all. Whilst current mirco tubing is available the thickness of copper wire, the advent of nano tubes will dramatically alter their use beyond comprehension. Wall flex compensates for heating issues as do pressure expansion points.
The Ultimate use is Binary, copper liquid wires, where a primary wire is onside the tube with a set level resistance but additional has the adjustable fluid in with it.

A C Quinn Nov 8th 2014.

No 31) Bio & Chemical Water Filter -removes all bacteria and toxins from any water, a one shot filter.

If water is poisonous it can be for a variety of reason, but if you are dying of thirst then you need to be able to kill the bacteria, remove chemical toxins and still be able to drink it.
The fluid container has a three stage filter, the first component is an Iodine filter section, wherein a heavily treated iodine fiber composite requires all of the liquid being treated to pass through it on multiple layers, the bacterial killing complete, the liquid is then passed through a carbon filter to remove the excess iodine and all of the other chemical that may be contained with the water, activated carbon is what is used in military gas masks and will remove all known toxins except carbon based one or ammonia. The final stage is a simple paper filer which removes some of the iodine colour and other water discolorations not already caught in the previous filters. It is imagined that this can additionally have a pressure plunger, however longevity in the bacterial chamber is often a more suitable course of action.

A C Quinn Nov 8th 2014

No 32) is on page 2

A small gift from The Mighty Quinn
I can beat Newton a dozen times over. This math cannot be beaten not by any engineer in the world and every high school student will understand in less than 60 seconds

Some toys for you to play with

Gravity drives are easy to build I have designed dozens, some hard to understand but this one is simple. 
If you tape a coin to a bicycle wheel at 12.01 position, the energy used is lifting the coin from ground up the middle in a straight line, now if you let it go it will fall and drive the wheel around to 11 oclock correct? if it is a ball sitting in a socket hole and a solenoid simply pops it out at 10.55, (its like popping it out with your finger)how far does the ball now have to be lifted back to 12.01? 

So you see the now small lift each time creates a 95 percent rotation output for a 20-25% lift requirement each time. So more energy out than in, The ball simply rolls down a very slight incline to the middle of the wheel level with about 10.45 on a clock, to be lifted back up the short distance to start. Every high school in the world can build that easily. 
I have some that can produce megawatts in energy I am going to publicly release next year, just getting the last of the Math which the engineer jerk offs will want to see rather than a common sense instruction a five year old can understand. The one I just showed you is limited to rolling weights being able to be moved efficiently, so is size limited. Oh the large one has already been physically built and tested, now it is simply providing the math, you will learn quickly that only math shuts up idiots, not working machines. I build first then have someone else do the math.
Want more?
People are always in disbelief when I tell them i can mechanically manipulate physics, ocean buoyancy machines they cannot get to work, can't pump air down, it costs as much to get it down as the energy created from the rise air released. cant pressurize a heavy enough container to drop it down along a cable and make a thin line turn a turbine, because you can’t get the container back.

Try this, inner and outer container, outer filled with a ton of water, inner with air, membrane ring 100mm up from base between walls, release, turns turbine as it falls hits switch on container at bottom, solenoids open 200mm valves top of water section and under ring to air centre, path of least resistance, the water will simply leave as the ring rises from the air, ring reach top valves close, lighter container floats back up.

Container is stopped just below water surface, protruding valve above waterline opens air goes in, valve closes, two water valves open to let water in, valves close cycle repeats, now change it to massive tons of weight or thousands of them, only needing solenoid power. The weight of the tank is easy, one quarter of the air in the centre tank should be sufficient to float the entire tank. If required for greater depths a flexible pressure plate can be constructed in the base of the centre tank which will depress when the valves open at the bottom helping force the air into the water filled outer tank

So there live for the first time on this website, physics bent over a chair and several billions in ocean tech.
Science said of you push a magnet into a magnetic field that is attracting the magnetic it cannot get itself out without an outside power source, 6 years ago I also proved this wrong and filmed, and actually got it to produce massive speed of self propulsion. Never before achieved, and not since without copying the Mayernick array.
The Mighty Quinn

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