Saturday, November 8, 2014

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No 32) Wind Turbine – Archurian Sentinel – Every Mech Engineer agrees 500 %  more efficient than current Wind energy designs


A multi sectional dual power producing wind turbine tower, that has a singular shaft section that is engaged by ratchet mechanism from the turbine sections to drive the generator, where one or more turbines can be turning dependent upon the height of the airflow stream, thus ensuring the slighter breeze power production is not lost as would be the case with a large single tower having to turn the entire weight of the tower on every occasion, and wherein the second power stage production allows for when the shaft is being driven at high speed by one or more turbines the position of the ratchet mechanism has an actuator that completes a coil loop in a series of coils under each turbine meaning that at slower speed than other sections, all turbines are still producing power, when the ratchet is engaged the actuator destroys the loop to prevent field induction and drag during this function. The device is 1000 percent more efficient that any propeller wind turbine that has an equal total blade span as the turbine at 100 feet in height or ten Archurian Sentinel turbines on a single tower of the same radial ground space. And height of 100 feet, inclusive of land costs the cost are the same, without land costs, the cost is around 150 percent more for the tower at ten turbines to 1 blade, with a 1000 percent increase in power. Remember there is still only one generator at the base, simply larger, each section is not caught by the issue of having to drive a larger turbine because the generator is of the electromagnetic version of the magnetic field array and only engages by percentage of the turbines in motion, EG” 1 in 10 then 2 in 10 etc etc. So there is no cogging effect above the capacity of the number of turbine blades running. NB this was in the Create the Future contest in 2008, so any such devices designed or built since then are merely copies of my design.

Remember better technology will never be used if it is far cheaper, they do not want to have to lower the price of electricity even though they are no longer paying for fuel. The cost of fuel for a coal fired or nuclear station over ten years is the cost to build wind or solar for equal out of one year, sure it takes ten years to get your money back, but remember the cost to build had zero cost if put against the fuel alone, not counting the cost to build a reactor or coal station. That’s why electric cars have pay chargers, or hydrogen fuel cells that cost the same as fuel, the idea is to convince you it costs more but is green yay. Its all bullshit, though moot now because of free energy companies will build themselves as will householders as it is simple. They cut their own throats, had they not been thieving cunts and LPG was fixed at 33cents, petrol and diesel at $1 and power at 25 cent in the dollar of now without adding some other bullshit service charge, no one would bother to build them, lazy always wins, but not at massive massive differences, you can only beat free with really cheap, but now they will pay the price. That small demonstration of the fact it can be dome is nothing compared to the other design of a completely different use of the gravitational kinetics. Any company with an engineering section could complete the big version in 90 days, seriously. That is how fast your energy market and of course the stock market will crash. Doubts? Find one thing on this list that does not or would not work? How about now?

A C Quinn 2008 Create the Future contest entry (patent applied for but lapsed)

No 33) EXO-CAFE ;The next wave of Café’s, likely to become the norm forever.

Exoskeletons are actually very common and exist in many forms from medical to toys, everything you use is technically a form of that technology. Every bottom that perform a movement function is simply something that can be added to a pressure point in a glove or suit to do the same thing: EG: the joy stick for a remote plane, moves the flaps up and down, the components taken from the joystick and simply added to a glove will move the flaps up and down with you fingers rather than the stick, the flaps removed from the plane with servo motors added to the fingers of a Lego set hand will then move in sync with your hand. It really is a nothing invention. Large products are difficult such as full body suits because of balance.
So The EXO-Café is simply a wall and in front of the wall are glass walls full of food, each customer walks along to the start point, places on a pair of disposable gloves and moves to the first window. Placing their hands in the EXO-Gloves they pick up a plate and serve whatever is in from to them, and press next, the plate move along to the next item and so on. There is no air contact with the food, no germs no flu or Ebola, everyone’s hands are protected from previous user of the EXO-Gloves, takeaways are made in takeaway containers, and are sealed at the end for dispensing. In fact the entire payment system can be in advance without even having a cashier. The food is refilled from behind the wall in the kitchen area. Children or adults with children, will not be allowed to serve themselves or there needs to be a children’s section due to speed and others waiting. All beverages can be auto dispensed as normal but from a safe perspective as with the food.
The bests design is to have multiple rows in the one room, the needed wall sections would be narrow cutout lower floor sections for the re-fillers and at the same height as the servery, also unseen, it would simply appear as a box behind each serving glass section, but is simply a hidden walkway that has a lower floor level back to the kitchen.. help buttons to a single operator for missing food or problems, staff can fix the problem without the need to even enter the room, I imagine every single hospital in the world will eventually go this way, so too airports and the like, people are gutless scared skirts for the 99.9 percent of the population, you shout germs they will always take the safest option.

A C Quinn Nov 10th 2014

No 34) Water from Air –No Power required.

The current machines that produce water from air are quite brilliant, they pass air into a convection unit and cooling unit which creates condensation, solar powered in an arid area would be ideal, though expensive. But water can be made from air using a clever techniques and design without any electricity at all, simply thermal convection to move the air, trapping the moisture and condensing it.
A common water producer is a dome filled with branches, or supply a moisture source, this is better and no branches required.
A flat metal plate will create a thermal convection cycle, simply because it will get hot in the sun, the wave flow pattern of the fluid dynamics can be seen on infra red, and the flow is slightly in from the sides and primarily straight up, or path of least resistance combined with the thermal effect and uncontained Venturi effect of passing air. Now two things occur, the cooler air is draw in over the outer edges of the plate as the hot air rises, but so too does cool unheated air being pulled in and up with the thermal column.
The issues with the flat plate is that the centre or superheated column or air does not allow cooler air in because of the pressure variance of high to low, however, believe it or not there is more moisture in cooler air than in warm air, the totality of a hot empty oven is a hot dry oven, so too passing entirely hot air into a hot environment does little to create moisture. The holes in a Pizza box to let steam out are in fact the worlds dumbest idea, the hot air escapes and pulls in cooler moist air and the Pizza goes soggy (personally been involved in trials of heating pizzas in boxes)
The ultimate design is a segmented conical steel plate wherein every second segment is not steel but a cool surface insulator, Above the cone, are catch plates made up of salt and liquid storage crystals in porous encasements, the edge of this are sealed to the upper shade dome in which resides aluminium cooling fins in a series of baffles, or plates with holes that slow the airflow, condense the moisture on an angular baffle series with an incline to a drip pipe.
The super heated air travels upward drawing the cool air with it into the baffles section, the air is forced to take the path of least resistance through the moisture catching pads, and is vented out just above the pad section, The upper surface of the pads is in contact with the perforate tray containing the aluminum fins and upon rising that lasts stage is condensed.
The initial air pressure will rise and fill the dome but the faster moving air once pressure is reached will vent to allow continuous flow, the trapped moisture will be heavier and slower take its easiest path straight up through the perforations into the condenser unit . The cone is surround by a clear cylinder all but the lower few inches to allow the air to enter, yet allow the sun to shine of the cone itself.
The Shaded Aluminium can only ever reach the ambient air temperature, however the steel cone can reach 75c plus and the hot air will exceed the ambient during rise for a short period allowing the condensation to occur, yet without raising the ambient sufficiently to remove the massive temperature differences between the aluminum and the steel. It is the baffle system which makes it work along with the moisture trapping system. Otherwise it is just air on the desert traveling upward without modification to the moisture content and air temperatures.
How do we know it will work? Go out into the country and look along underneath wire fence lines, the grass is green, because the ground is warmer than the air and the wire acts as a condenser, the water drips off and the grass is green along the fence line. Yet the air is so dry the rest of the grass is dead, for lack of rain and moisture.
So what would you use it for? Drinking water? Hardly, you run the drip pipes southward some 15 metres from the device and leave tree seeds, when they grow they do not shade the device. They are pioneer stations doing what the wire fences do to create new habitat in arid regions, or simply watering systems for plants in any other region. (it would have to be huge for drinking water amounts)

A C Quinn Nov 10th 2014

No 35) The No Drown Torc – Impossible for any child to drown “no floatation”.

The capacity for a child to drown is not restricted to a bathtub or pool, however they are the prime concern. The Torc is a necklace of a solid ring structure, with an opening on one side.
The device is comprised multiple water contact alert sensor, there are very cheap and very simply, they are merely exposed connect points like that of a life jacket switch on the light when water joins the two halves, the necklace will not work simply because it is wet, that would defeat the use in a bath, it work when submerged at any of the multiple point around the ring are submerged and create and electric contact for the battery to simply trigger the house alarm. And alarm on the device os pointless if you are at the other end of the house, the necklace is able to move around the neck as the contacts fully encompass all points.
The contact have the capacity to drain so splashing will not fill the contact tub section, only submersion will do this. I deal for looking after other children as well as you own if you have a pond or pool.
The Torc is surprisingly cheap and simple, it is simply a remote alarm trigger that is always on, except the contacts are missing as a full loop. Wouldn’t they all have to be under water? No each contact when filled will automatically set it off as each are separate alarm controls, it is not just one. Some 6 contacts should allow it to be spun to any point around a neck and go off with facial submersion.

A C Quinn Nov 10th 2014

No 36) TMQ Portable CPR Resuscitation Unit.

The flaw in current CPR directives is that the one for the public contradicts the one used in hospitals, it additionally conflicts with physics in general.
The Current CPR states that air is more important than heart compressions, yet all hospitals paddle patients to revive them, if it was the least important we would be hooking them up to air compressors, it is itself ridiculous in physics. No amount of air blown in the mouth of a patient whose heart has stopped will get oxygen to the brain, the air travels only to the lungs, it is the movement of blood that carries this oxygen to the brain, without which the air is moot. Drowning victims may benefit as tests show that there can still be some short length of brain activity after the heart stops, thus conferring or implying the body may be able to tell that oxygen is now available from the lungs instead of water.

In any event the device would cover both schools of thought and can be modified for age and lung size/rib density and strength, amounts of air for body size to lungs all in a safe computer controlled manner.
The device is a portable resuscitation unit for schools and shops and house and shopping centres at a cost even a household could afford. The unit comprises mechanical actions and monitoring no device in existence is even similar to. It makes everyone a CPR specialist, removes things like the chance of catching Ebola which would occur even with a re-breather. Is safe for a child’s smaller rib cage in both compressions, and in air pressure input. As the device is one handed operation it would allow a medic or other person to perform CPR whilst holding a mobile phone or communication device whilst any second person could be of assistance in a multiple injury accident.
The device is a two component structure it is in length the distance of a large adult from mouth to heart in length, it is U shaped in structure, for a visual aspect would look akin to a large short towel rack with an outer rail and an inner rail, or humorously something in which ones mind would look like a device for carrying a cat with a handle.
One end is 3 inches shorter after the bend, this end is for the mouth as the head is still higher than the chest lying down head back.  On the end of this section is a soft plastic mouth section that has internally extend pieces which would be spring operated, the two pieces are together and are inserted into the mouth as the mask presses down onto the face, a Mechanical thumb switch is pressed to open the two pieces and the mouth of the victim to allow airflow. The air is fed through a short section of the lower rail.
The alternate end is a flat stainless disk which has and electronic vibration sensor to detects the heart beat, the item must be flat and is basically stethoscopic in nature.  The downward section of the stethoscopic piece is a pneumatic compression rod; this is simply a pneumatic version of the mechanical trigger unit used by chiropractors now to reset ribs along the spine. The upper handle section has a twist lock to slide in length some six inches to change from large adult to child, This section is located to the rear of the hand grip. Under the handle is a bar that runs from one end to the other sliding freely for extension again at the rear or lower end, the forward end is a sealed unit that carries the air from the air cylinder to the mouth piece.

On the lower bar  is located the Air cylinder at the forward end, approx the same size as a Soda stream bottle, sufficient to run the device for a great length of time. The bottle attached the same way all soda bulbs attach for speed and ease of refill and swap.  Located on the upper  handle forward of the grasp position has the control box;  which is electronic in nature and performs several functions, the airflow rhythm and pressure, the compression strength and rate, it sounds off a beep when a heart beat is detected and ceases compressions, if breathing has not resumed the air blasts will continue.
There are several selectors, they are simplistic for public use of a parent in panic, so dial switches are paramount not digital programming of any kind, switch one: adult/child 8 to 15/ toddler 2 to 7/baby
Switch 2: air on/off.   Switch 3: compressions on/off   switch 4: display. This turns on the digital screen for heat rate and shows what settings have chosen.
They arrive at patient. Kneel and check vitals, place head in resuscitation position, check airway, set device place on patient adjusted to face to heart length and press mouth switch to open mouth, hold down firmly, until heart beat has commenced, machine will not turn on compressions if heartbeat is detected and only breathing is absent. Call 000 or 911 with free hand.
No people breaking ribs of children, no punctured lungs, no arguments as to whether the ratio of breaths to compressions is correct, the air will be in blasts like breaths at the ratio determined by the control box settings as will the chest compressions. Due to the simplistic nature of each of the technologies the cost per unit as you see would be minimal. A life saving device that really will help save lives in a safe manner and in a manner which reassures parents of children who have fallen into pools etc, that if they did not survive, there is no self blame, that alone is saving lives, for we all well know the results of such emotional distress, from costs on the health system to suicides. Paramedics could leave one person with a patient where multiple persons are injured
It could be in production within months, it saves the most lives for the least cost, can have program settings changed if since determines better more effective Ratios (make sure it is a changeable chip) Is affordable even for households with pools etc.
This took one hour 15 minutes to design from scratch, now published and not able to be patented, again so that no one will invest and no one will make it.

Archie Quinn 16th October 2014

No 37) Advance – A new game of every dimension–computer – robot war or people in motorized machines in football stadiums.

This game is new on so many levels as it can be played on every level, it is a war game like a mix of Chess and the board game Risk in a medial battle setting.
The board has 26 spaces across, and 80 spaces in length.
There are 20 players per team starting on the rear line
A move is 1 or 2 spaces forward –left-right or backward, there is no diagonal move.
 Players may communicate with each other.
Each player must put in their move prior to the go signal for their team. (computer) where a move is not able to be made because a team mate has punched it in first they must select another move. If all possible combination selection are used they must stand (highly unlikely)
When a player reaches the front of an opposing team player he may opt to strike or stand.
If the player strikes, a large battle axe mallet is swung onto the opposing player wounding him fatally, In the robot war version or motorized driver versions in stadiums, the upper head will be a vaccum formed plastic section that costs about $20, so they can be crushed for crowd pleasing and replaced like a pair of disposable gloves. Special effects of spraying blood or exploding robot/machines can be added as options.
The wounded player has one move left, it is only a decision move not a board move, the player can opt to stay for one turn through his team and the opponents team moves, thus blocking Advance by the slayer. Or may opt to be removed immediately to allow his own team members to advance.
There is also the suicide move for the good of the team, or perhaps to facilitate a draw and half the points. This move is where an opponent is beside you when it is your turn, not behind you. Yu may turn sideways and strike the opponent, but you then may never move again, you will stay on the board until struck at which time you do not get the additional decision move and are cleared from the board/playing field.
When a player reaches the last square at the opposing end, a new player is added to the board. The new player has the same uniform but a different coloured crown piece. This player cannot strike and is only a blocking piece, the player who reached the end receives a shoulder epaulet to signify Great Warrior and may strike in any direction without the suicide clause being enacted. The new blocker is placed in either corner of his team’s start end.
There are 2 games to a match, or two battles for a war, these will be first and second halves.
There is one “Frenzy” during each half of the game. A frenzy will Occur when 1 or more players has crossed the halfway line and in any subsequent team move no players are struck. The next move is automatically a Frenzy. A frenzy is where both teams madly race to punch in a move until both teams are set. Then the go is given for both teams to move and strike.
Where two player land face to face during a frenzy, the person who punched in their move first will get to strike. Players will not know who was fastest on the buttons. So they may in fact have committed suicide. This is like the giant clash between foot soldiers in Medieval battles. There is only one Frenzy per half, and if there is no point where a strike is not made or both teams have a player across the centre, then the frenzy will not occur. Deliberately avoiding striking and being struck is a great tactic to start a frenzy.
The winning team, is the winner when all other opponents are off the board, this may be more difficult than it seems if the last opponent is a warrior. To ensure a runaround does not go on for hours, if there are 3 players left, the moment it become 2 players one from each team, only left right and forward moves are allowed and you must move at least one square. If you have reached your alternate end, the forward becomes the opposite direction from which you came.
The ultimate board game computer game, and at long last, finally what all mankind has waited for a Live arena battle game.
Naturally this is not a patent item but a copyright item so remains the property of the Game’s inventor from the moment it was written. No computer code, no board game or set of instructions that resemble this game for a physical arena game may be used. Football? what’s that? The first Arena sport since the Gladiators for prime time television and not some funny game, but a serious battle
The giant screen at the stadiums can show the moves being punched in by the players before the go signal for each team’s next assault.

A C Quinn Nov 11 2014

No 38)Binary Zip packaging, The Next Tetra Pak- A packaging device for mixing two or more materials that form another when mixed.

Imagine if you could place in instant mold around a broken tooth, instantly make a two pack filler for a hole in a muffler or leaking boat or chemical container, instant food rehydration for camping and Hurricane food stores etc. even just normal meals. This one is a brilliant design.  Instant broken bone splints and casts for emergencies.  Etc etc etc If you are wondering, no I cannot draw for shit which is why I give examples of something for your mind to understand, this has instructions on the design to ensure it cannot be patented once published.

The Item is a variable sized a plastic bag, one side of the bag has a double wall, in between these walls you will have lines of thin bendable wire running top to bottom. You will seal the two halves of this wall together over the wire so as to be as one piece.
Within the bag you will have multiple lines of two part binary agents like epoxy glues or dental molding paste or high temp muffler epoxy, plasters and so on, now between each alternate line the bag will have seal lines, these lines are made up of string tears, like a band aid packet etc. at the end of each line the required string will be connected to a single bar/tag, the Bag is entirely sealed and free of oxygen.
The user will hold the top of the bag and pull on the lower bar pulling the string tear sections through the bag, thus removing the separation wall between the binary agents. Where the bag contents will be poured out there will be no need for continuous separation. Where the bag contents are for the purposes of a mold, there will remain sealed sections between each binary mix. This enables the mixed material to remain evenly spread throughout the bag.
The bag is massaged between the fingers to mix the two components (three or more if such a blend is required)
Now with the wire molding construction of the bag, one can simply remove from the first aid kit at a football game and after mixing bend the mold over the teeth off the person who has had one or more teeth broken and hold until set and then taken to the dentist. Ensuring greater chance of saving a tooth, side of the road repairs to exhaust pipes. The fuel or liquid container sealer is the coolest of all.
It is a different shaped bag, with the look of two mushrooms joined upside down at the stems, one side is inserted into the tank the stem section through the hole and a second string through the centre that pulls the two together. Such sealing bags are of a silicon or silyl Modified polymer surface so as to form an effective temporary seal.
For food, dehydrated food in one side, liquid in the other, zip and wait, great for camping, for storm shelters military, emergency food for FEMA, shopping centre shelves for quick rice using par boiled rice, etc etc. Energy drinks where electrolytes dissipate if pre mixed. 

A better version of the medical heat and cold packs, 

Another more flexible version of the glow sticks. Etc etc  etc.

Instant splints and casts when camping or for emergency crews, 

Wrap around to hold pieces of things together whilst glue sets and so on. 

Dirt, seeds, water crystals in one side a liquid in the other,, zip – mix – and pour along pre dug hole.

Instant forensics mold kit for foot prints and tyres no mess, zip mix and pour.

Worried about the water or old baby formula? Zip – mix and pour

Ancient relics dug from archeology sites kept intact.

Et Voila, the applications are endless, a quick repair molding like a bandage that set solid or flexible. Now ask yourself after reading all these, how much do you pay your useless design team?

10th Nov 2014
A C Quinn

That’s right fuckers, I am The Mighty Quinn and I’m here all week

Now when I say what my designs are worth you might think twice before laughing.
I charge 25K for designs  you have 24 hours to do a patent search and to decide and pay, after that I will publish it and provide another, but there is never an extension, nor negotiation. The new laws about first to file make that impossible so, I make theft impossible although my emails are records it was provided to you. Again, 24 hours, you say no I publish and provide a different design, but it gets published, I do not save them for rainy days as you can see. I don’t give a fuck if your Bill Gates and clever in one industry, I am the smartest person on this monkey covered rock, you want the designs in any industry then suck up your pride and ask. Really don’t care if your grandmother had her head blown off in front of your children, no time extensions.

No 39) A shovel designed using physics – man you Humans are stupid.

How you moneys survived so long is more luck than good management, ok lets take the nail and bash the hammer through the wood, no why not? Really, you do it with a shovel.
One what planet is the driver or top edge of a blade the same width give or take a small margin the same with as the bottom piercing point?

A shovel needs a platform or large surface area on which to piece you foot, fist of all it drive all the power to the blade, not half of it through a thing line in your foot, secondly the shovel does not need to go in the length of the blade into the ground, if I made it 3 foot long would your keep pushing? Of course not.
It is simple physics, a normal length of blade, atop which has a longer section side by triangular supports on all 4 edges front and back additional across the blade the length of the added section some few inches. For a normal edging a spade would cut as it always does to the depth that it always cuts, however when digging a hole after the first piece of it is removed. Physics kicks in, the hole is now easier to dig because one side, the now open side has a path of least resistance for the dirt to move, so it name beaks off more easily, the new triangular supports for the platform also have a block splitter effect, it that it will drive the two side of the dirt apart.

This new rear/upper platform additionally acts to hold the load on the shovel of any kind. As long as you don’t try to make them out of crap like some of the cheap shovels that break now, you will never have sore feet, you will be driving the thin nail with a hammer not another nail. If you foot slips off that usual top thin edge won’t remove your ankle. The wedge effect will speed your work and ease your power needed.  Essentially not matter what task is required, the outcome appears to be unaltered by the change to the design in any negative way.

Change the most basic tool in the world? Hmm about 50 billion in sales profit worldwide there at say $5 profit per item, times how many of them there are? In 20 years you will have turned over most existing units out there now. There has been a few fold over designs and some old wooden thin flat top designs but no full platform triangular wedge support design

Now reality, you walk into a store to get a shovel, what the hell would you buy? and that is the bloody commercial. Hell that is every commercial, no sales pitches, simply show the loser with the sore foot and the benefits. You just got every female on the planet and everyone who gardens in the thongs instantly.

Hey wait? Did I just fuck the patentability on a 200 billion dollar turnover by publishing it? You fucking bet I did. 

I am The Mighty Quinn and I am here all week

A C Quinn 12 NOV 2014

No 40)Space Exploration Unmanned Lander – Landing gear.

 Don’t bother with some silly screw or harpoon on a rock surface.

On each corner is a vertical array folded, not unlike the visual of a folded antenna, the array is connected to the base of the unit and is additionally connected to the vertical corner by way of a single gas ram not unlike a heavy photocopier lid. They only need a release solenoid to allow them to drop. As they drop the array of 8 long spider shaped fingers open on the end of each leg.

These fingers have one function, though lightweight an very thin, they can do what not design has ever done or attempted before, and is quite simple. Once down, the fingers curl, a full span would be 45 cm diameter, based on a unit that was 45cm diameter itself and so on.

No other design would more likely grip to a rough or rock surface with ease as only a few fingers would need to grasp, the singular physics of the leg is not even an issue as the diametrically opposed legs are doing the same and working as a total hand as well. Or in short each set of fingers is a finger for the four fingered hand.
These also provide the ability to be ejected from each side and a short burst from a compressed gas cylinder the size of a soda bulb on a low gravity item such as the one landing on the comet could then be regathered entirely.

A C Quinn Nov 13 2014.

No 41) TWrap  - A wrapping solution product and system for Supermarkets, Stores &  wrapping stations.

The Wrapping of gifts has always been time consuming fiddly and well, let’s face it usually result in a poor result the faster you go. Bottle shops have introduce bottle bags for that quick easy drop off gift, however we all know that takes away from the point of wrapping most gifts, you peek into the top as with all gift bags and oh that’s what it is. Bags under a Christmas tree or on birthdays simply don’t have the same effect, and the effect is the whole point of wrapping a gift.
But time is what stores in general do not have, even the gift wrap only stores that emerge at Christmas time invariably end up swamped. So I bring you the TWrap.
TWrap is wrapping paper in tubular form, cylindrical for bottle and box tube for other sizes, it comes on rolls just like any other wrapping paper but is in various sizes. You simply place the gift a distance suitable from the dispenser and pull out ensuring as usual you have enough to fold up on the ends, slide the cutter across and cut off your desired length. The gift slides into the tube and the extra that is allowd for an easy slide into the tube, is simply grasped between thumb, forefinger and index finger and floded over along the centre, tape is applied and the ends fold as normal.
It allows use of a much narrower work space.
The TWrap is a system nor merely rolls of paper for the home and store; there are the Corner Rounds, thin self adhesive corner protectors that are stuck on to the corners of boxes, the prevent the wrap from tearing on the corners during wrapping or sliding of there are sharp corners on the box, an issue that exists whether using the TWrap system or not.
There is the elastic bow a one piece or cross sectional bow wherein the elastic simply appears as crinkled ribbon or foil, the single is ideal for the bottles.
There are dozens of types of wraps other than in colour. Pattern or foils, types meaning fluted, being the wrap is pre-multifold in construction, not unlike the side of a paper patty pan or paper lantern. This provides a more exotic effect for bottles or gifts wishing to be wrapped like bon bons etc.
For stores there is an additional equipment piece for the wall/counter to the rear of the wrapping position/s the is simply a thin heavy bar in L or U shape, wherein the bar is enveloped in a non slip surface coating or wrap. The bar is in the vertical to 45 degree position suspend from its hinge component on a free stand or from the wall, the bar is pedal operated to lower;  at the point where a fold is made along a larger length and it is not possible to hold the centre fold with one hand, keeping a perfect line, the wrapper simply depresses the foot pedal and lowers the holding bar onto the folded line. A line on the counter will allow the package to be positioned when starting to wrap. As with all new machinery and systems, practice will increase the speed of the service and cost saving in time dramatically. The greatest benefit is the neatness and perfection obtained on the finished product at speed.

As there is no need to roll the package over, however a pop turntable would be ideal for each end. A pop turntable for those who have no seen one is a round table that sits flush with the existing bench top, and when a button is depressed or pedal, the turntable rises slightly and rotates, some are mechanical and turn full quarter turn and drop, some are electric and only rise and turn the desired amount by the length of time the button is depressed. More suited to larger stores or wrapping stations. 

The most popular will be for the bottles as there is no need for the tight finish associated with a box, dozens of rolls can be suspended behind the counter or at a self wrap station, the warps is already over a tube frame and the bottle is inserted top first. The base is then folded and taped, the bottle grasped and pulled forward and the cutter slid across the wrap roll. As bottle vary is size and length one can wrap and mini champ or a full size Galliano bottle.  A quick twist and tape or the application of the extra purchase of an elastic ribbon or bow. (A likely salable item to the public in A dispensing box)

For the small business this is a great investment, it gives an edge to them over larger stores that do not do it, even a full wrapping tent at the local markets would likely make more money than many stalls do, not everyone wants baby clothes or a painting or any number of the arts and crafts items, but everyone buying a gift will need wrapping. It is easy display on its own roll, rather than a pile of tubes, and unlike many large stores or wrapping stations, you can have lots of choices not simply the two or three color set on the 100 metre rolls.

The ideal investment strategy would be start with the bottle wrap as a bread an butter income, an easy sale. Simply use a clever marketing strategy and have a temp stall in super markets near the bottle shop, spending money on advertising is spending money, get fake buyers to but wine from the shop and use the service all day long. Like the full coffee shop attracts the clients, it is the oldest marketing technique in the world, mastered by the carnivals, where there are crowds standing in front of stall where people are winning, the initial winners were always family and staff who knew how to beat the game and as the large plush toys were handed over time after time the crowds build and the originals “G’s” as they were known simply leave. Most Marketing professional are idiots, they convince you to spend thousand on crap, if I sold chocolate bars I would simply go to the stores that sell them weekly and buy reasonable numbers of the items. Chain stores normally have tests store before committing to the whole chain, wake up dickheads, buy your own stock, it’s better than silly flyer or net advertising. When the customers see the bottles being wrapped in spectacular fashion for a few bucks, and the bottle shops sees it is viable, the sale will be much easier than “would you like to take a risk”.

A C Quinn Nov 14 2014

As you can see from Radiation Protocol, to Packaging to engines, aerodynamics fluid dynamics, or just physics, I can design a product for "any" industry in a day.  In fact it is Nov 14 and the first went up Nov 5th and we are already at 41. Hows all those Harvard and MIT grads workin out for you? I left home and school at 13, My IQ is pretty much off the charts for puzzles be it physics or anything else, are you a fuckwit if you didn't learn to drive a car? So spare me the Grammar speeches, my mind is no different to a quantum computer, and can process the same, but if it does not have the base parameters, not even the computer can give you an answer, Imagine if I had done algebra or calculus? Probably better I had not, I would likely have cored your planet like an apple by now coz you monkeys piss me off so much, I think number 22 really shows the depth of human stupidity from over a million engineers, and there are 10's of thousand of such sites around the world. A you can spare me marine habitat bullshit arguments, you fuckers were engineers building this shit a hundred years before we gave a fuck about environment.  So the next time one of you fuckwits want to post to the previous poster on a website about spelling or grammar why don't you go and abuse all those without drivers licenses or those who can't fly planes, everyone has a right to speak without your condescending fucking attitude, see I am less of a C@nt than most of the educated fuckers on the planet. I do not abuse the uneducated only those who claim to be and clearly are fucking not.

No 42) Electric Whiteboard &  Blackboard

The issue with the speed at which technology often moves jumps generations of usable tech that is not part of the mainstream applications for which it was intended. The new tech is simply crushing by weight of expense and limited in durability and strength. Ok the LED touch screen yayyy. Ok now put in a 12 foot school one or 30 foot one as a university black board. Yep there goes the annual budget on something that if a student threw something at it would be fucked.

This invention is simple, It has a glass front separate to the screen behind and is not a touch screen, in fact it is a lower generation larger bulb LED screen not capable of photos, because of cost. The low tech Screen is Black background or white, the writing apparatus is a soft tip pen shaped device, that when run over the glass writes or draws in the same manner as an old style manga doodle, instead of attracting magnetic material it is simply inducing a current for a signal to the led screen to change the led light to the chosen colour, white for white chalk etc, these settings are on the pen and are Wi Fi sent to the screen. So when you change the pen to blue, the screen with change all the contact area to blue as if blue chalk. The idea is not to be a complete fuckwit and say oh we’ll make it better, it has to cost fuck all to work as a sale item, no fucker wants to pay a fortune for a blackboard or white board.

So what are the advantages over cost of chalk and dust? Whilst it does not take photos, it can take pixel information at base drawing level, so a matching program/text converter or line converter can have a teacher do the lesson at home  and upload it to the board. The magnetic induction use will prevent normal computer screen function and use of light pens really doesn’t work with kids and laser key rings among a dozen other lighting issues.  A normal LED screen cannot interact with the pen through glass, without the glass protector we are back to the very expensive easily broken hunk of shit.

You can actually make car tyres in pink rubber, but even though some fuckheads would buy them, the market because of costs means you will never make money, the idea of business is make money solve a problem, otherwise you just have a shed full of fancy shite no one can afford. The white board works of course the same way, simply with a white background.

Both have buttons on the side to press and roll over the board to the other side or saved work slide. Additionally a simply capture program would be good for records or refection back on lessons. Saved as a slide of that day’s work. Perfect for physicists writing up calculations, click and save. Wiped out something from before and can’t remember? No worries load the last save before you erased and check it.
Pricing? Retail must be cemented at less than twice the price of a current commercial board “average price” not the fucking highest price you greedy dickheads, it doesn’t work that way. Don’t be a moron, get every school in the world every university every business office in the world, we are talking hundreds of millions in sales in the very least, be a fuckhead and you get fuck all, this is one of those price sensitive products as schools Unis especially have tight budgets.

Now the smart guy has made 100 or so million and the market is slowing after 15 years, what next? Easy whiteboards for refrigerators and the home, because by now you have mastered cheap manufacture and for $50 retail a 300mmx600mm one will kill on the domestic market, no dickhead wants a touch screen in their house with sticky fingers and angry kids, or drunk idiots with a ball point pen. The beauty of the led is that it is simply a tiny light bulb, unaffected by magnetic Gaussian screen blur

A C Quinn Nov 14 2014

No 43) The Coolanex. – The only caravan annex that does not trap heat.

The primary flaw in the design of 99 percent pergolas on houses and caravan annexes is the all finish below the roof line not above it this trapping the heat. In a caravan the annex is an all important part of the living quarters, today it is where many keep their portable fridges and many other items that really need to be in a cool environment in summer. Not to mention entertaining or using it as another bedroom for the kids.
The Coolanex is an attachable annex wherein it can be attached to a purpose buiot van or with under siding plans from Jayco or the like retrofit to any normal van.

The Coolanex comprises a forward and rear support point and for longer vans a central support point. The upper rail section is normally fully attached to the van itself with a wall and unit seal applied after affixing, this is not the case here.

The coolanex rolls out as per any normal caravan awning component of an annex, however the rollout aperture is facing the van during travel. When one is ready to extend the awning it must travel in a 180 degree arc from facing the van to facing outward. In short lifted up so that the roller is now above and clear of the van roofline. Thus when rolled out and erection is competed the roof now vents above the caravan though a meshed vent strip the length of the van allowing all hot air to escape. As the container containing the roll out awing is protruding from the van when down, it of course will now be protruding over the roofline. The now rear of the container or encapsulation cylinder has a rain flap of a mechanical nature that is simply flipped down by a single handle at one end, the rain flap is set into the side of the tube and has a rubber weather strip. Once the rain has passed the flap is opened and the hot air removal continues. This flap is also your winter heat retention flap.

The support sections on the wall now show their purpose, as unlike a normal annex where the container tub is affixed to the van wall, this one is not and the container is fixed only to the swing arms. As such they need support that runs down the walls of the van to brace against wind movement along with the poles and guy ropes on the outer section of the erected annex. Most awnings already have such bracing at either end for self support without poles.

Holes in an annex roofs have been tried a million times and have never worked, they are a first tear point, Velcro wear out, or fasteners come loose or corrode in any even the have very poor seal in rain.

A C Quinn Nov 14th 2014

Laser Targeting Human Interactive Lighting -The Coolest interactive Laser Apparel ever Designed for physical interactive games and Raves.

No not some powered clothing that flashes or has lasers, not some reflective clothing that light reflects or is refracted from, but an interactive piece of clothing that links the wearer to the club or outdoor venue itself.
It has built in safety features that prevent anyone from accidently or deliberately trying to look at the actual laser beam itself. Whilst such beams are generally harmless because it is milliseconds before your eye closes, the idea was to avoid it altogether.

No 44) The Laser dance is a head set style unit 

The head set has a receiver on the top of the unit and a light capture/recognition lens. There is an overhead unit suspend for outdoor area function, from the grandstands at stadiums roofs and club ceilings.
Overhead Laser system that has thousands of laser lenses/beams that lock to the top of the headset signals, they stay on as people dance with thousands of lasers locked from the overhead units to the heads of the party goers, no matter where they move the beams stay locked on.
The headset having both a receiver and sender automatically shuts of the beam of the link is visibly broken, by wave of arms through it or other interference accidently. This serves two purposes, the laser can never hit anyone in the eye, and it increases the already mind-blowing visual effect of the beams as waving arms cut through them and they appear to fire at the target wearer.

The headset shall have both an RFID tag and as well as a line of sight infra red signal. The software is not complex, it comprises a similar code base parameter as a wii system, using the RFID tag as a guiding system for target acquiring, and a alarm laser on door entry points for cutout, wherein the headset would be in place of the handset for movement tracking combined with an RFID identifier chip or all laser would try to hit all signals equally. A primary unit controls the totality of the data, or reads the number of floor units and tag identifiers; and allocates a given laser to a given target. This additionally allows RFID Tags to be Male and female etc, so that light could be colour coded during dances for extra special effects, such as duet rock songs etc. Sex based songs and so on.

Extension can be made with blast lighting from the head set itself to go off with pulse beams from the lasers, the cool part there is that a laser can fire fast enough to almost be undetected yet the end result is flashing faces etc.

The most spectacular visual effect for any event ever conceived in history. and of course from the mind of none other than, The Mighty Quinn.

The tech can also be adapted to laser strike games, where in automated guns would track and kill someone who walked into a secure zone or minefield area and so on, effectively it is also the Death Star of such games. With overhead or exterior outside building suspension could additionally be used for stepping up paintball to the next level, and even supplementing additional automated guns to the systems to actually fire paintballs as well.

A C Quinn Nov 13 2014

Hilariously this was offered for sale for 24hours at 25k, recipients requesting a copy of the design get a further 24 hours to pay for it no extensions if your family is burning to death in a car. Wonder how many gamers and techies now realize rich is one thing but rich and the coolest company on the planet? Well published now and gone, of course like every one of the hundred tech dumps, you can make it now without patent worries, but of course can never patent it yourself so have competition any some point. You could have controlled the most explosive new tech for all venue in the world, and brilliant gaming tech for less than the cost of a company function. Buh Bow

No 45) Stones in a Pond – A sound linked visual interactive display.

For the many years we have had green screen and also have had sound linked visual digital repose or simply lighting power response, we have never linked the original tech with the new tech to come up with the most mind-blowing sensory effect ever invented.

Now we start with the original old tech, remember the original synthesizers and how the lines of red lights would jump up and own? Well we have replaced the lighting of course with digital lighting and we have some silly wave effects patterns that additionally play as randomization.

 Now we come to green screens, Green screen are used primarily for background use. This is used in this instance for mapping foreground use, and multiple overlays linked to sound.
Ok we will start basic. You are walking through a Jurassic park simulated environment, yeah sure there are a few puppets that look half decent, but fear is not presence, just like a horror movie fear is suspense and anticipation. The walkway is sided with glass fence walls some 2.4 metres in height so one can see over them. the background is dense tropical rain forest.

A light sound of thunder is heard, it is getting louder, and more apparent it is giant footsteps, as they get louder the glass begins to shake a little (vibration devices on the panels) then without knowing they have passed from glass fence to LED screens. The screens are pictures of what is genuinely behind the screen itself. As the footsteps near, the dirt and leaves on the ground jump into the air with each footstep, if people run, as they pass sensors that are receiving the RFID tag data from the visitor badges, the speed of the footsteps increases as does the sound and the newer sound of crashing branches and trees also mirrored in the screens showing background trees disappearing as if crushed. A sharp corner is up ahead the sound stops, as they round the corners the animatronics dinosaur sticks its head over the now back to fence glass panel. Naturally any attempt by an RFID tag to go back results in a super wave of roaring sounds where you came from and lots of screaming.

The tricks is to use green screen in the foreground, in short green screen the back, have multiple shots of debris being flung into the air from the ground by bounce boards, and overlay them back onto the original picture in the background. This way it is not a video, and the multiple shots will ensure it does not look the same each time. So your red lines have become leaves and dirt, and your background is simply a photo of what is really behind the screen. 

A downhill entry where people can see behind the screens into the jungle cements what they are seeing is very real. Then of course the fact that some janitor comes up quietly and says be careful not everything in the park is as it seems here.  Of course once they get to a crucial point where it is the edge of questioning and belief, you have a static announcement for all visitors to calmly and quickly make their way to the end of the walk, as the message is being repeated it goes badly static and cuts out. Video footage of reactions will be priceless, and of course the advertising for each place be it a dinosaur park or horror house never actually says it isn’t real, nor does it show relived people at the end.

Personally I would add one to a science and genetics centre, for visitors and tell them you are experimenting on reanimating dead cell tissue and give them the Zombie treatment. To date no one has ever linked sound to visual screen movement of real items together with the RFID personal interaction other than wii using graphics on the second count.

A C Quinn 14th Nov 2014

No 46) Ball Bottle – A product better than recycling.

I know I swear a lot that’s because there are so many fuckwits on the planet, this invention is something that is taken from a basic concept for success that no fuckwit on the planet uses anymore to destroy their competition. You can endure the mini rant here as the product works the same way, and also you will see how many dickheads run companies who should not even have fucking jobs.

So if I said for the cost of a small tool change you could take out the market and become the global leader would you do it?  g’teed millions hands down and It has been done before and has in fact never failed so now would you do it? Well apparently fuckwits employed by boards of directors who are equally fuckwits run every jam and condiments company on the planet.  Glass is fucking glass you fucking ape fucking retard shit for brains waste of space air thieving cunts. A jam jar in the shape of a scotch glass or a skull or a bear or a fucking cock is still a glass jar made of fucking glass, it doesn’t fucking cost anymore you fucking morons. Now Allowerie an Australian jam company made good quality drinking glasses for years and everyone bought it for the glass, the jam cost no more and that was the key. 

Now tale a greedy cockhead and view the same practice. Crystal skull vodka, it’s fucking cat piss in a glass skull bottle, if they sold it for $30 a bottle like all cheap vodka, it would literally crush not just vodka competitors but it would take a large share of other markets, people like cool shit, why do you think half the planet is tattooed wearing fucking designer clothes? So grow a brain, make the change and don’t charge one cent more and be a stupid thieving cunt, coz you will only end up like the fuckheads trying to sell that vodka a couple of bottles a week per store.

Ok Marketing lesson over and we now know which managers on the planet need to be doing donkey shows not running companies.

So I had note for the giant pile of plastic bottles use to accommodate my scotch and coke, noting that where I live there is not even glass recycling available. So I thought how do we make use of a stinking plastic bottle? The answer came in about 30 seconds of thought, make them ball shaped, they are wider in shelf space but you can accommodate more shelves so it stays the same. Standard drink bottles in colours make the ideal balls for plastic balls used to fill swimming pools or ball pits for kids, larger ones for crab pots, BBQ soccer, pool parties and so on. Simply adding colourr and using a mold change will change the entire world of plastic bottle use and disposal, do you know what it costs in those little fuckers to actually fill one of those pits? Fucking hundreds of dollars!! So winner winner chicken dinner, as soon as the ads hit TV, parents will buy them, signs at preschools that they are wanted and so on.

The design is simple the neck of the bottle has an extended end that is stepped in and it goes up, like a Ziggurat or stepped pyramid ( but round) the idea and mechanics of the design is that when finished, the neck is simply pushed concertina style back into the bottle and there is room for the lid to be re fitted for air tight finish. Et Viola The ball bottle. Hey it’s a ball, wont it roll? Not in wire shelving only on a flat surface, the weight of the contents keep it where it is, unless the shelf slopes downhill of course but most have that front wire lip anyway ( on a brand only fridge slope the shelf have a higher front rail, then it always refills to the front of the door and label on an angle)

A C Quinn Nov 14 2014.

No 47) The Discovery of Validated Free energy: How it came about, The history- A C Quinn.

Forgive my Grammar in advance, I left school at 13, yet I do not abuse those who did not learn to drive a car or fly a plane or learn to do ballroom dancing. In power please understand that we do not write 60watts “per hour” on a light bulb simply 60w, we know that’s what it means, so when I say watts in the context over time it means watts per hour, and understand that joules divided by seconds to produce equal watts.

Whilst it is true a left school at 13, I have been the manager of electrical engineering firms, electrical Wholesale firms,hotels and resorts, with some 20 yeast total in management, as an employee, not self employed. I am also a fully Certified ISO auditor and Audit Team Leader

For many centuries man has sought to discover various forms of free energy, water and wind were the first, followed by heat from solar and then power from solar. Are Perpetual motion machines possible? Just like solar, provided they use a natural or existing energy source. Gravity and magnetic forces are the two most common of these. So the reality is they are powered devices and not perpetual motion as the name suggests.
This very naming issue is what has kept mankind from discovering this energy use much sooner. Newton’s lack of understanding of physics was key to cementing this fallacy that one could not get more energy out than one puts in. I put no fuel in my solar cells yet they provide power, NASA puts no fuel in during a slingshot around a planet, yet gains more energy from being pulled into the gravitational field than it costs to get out. That is key here, the key to understanding firstly that gravity working across the face of any planet works the same in space or on earth.

Newton’s flaw was he stole everything from the laws of motion, Gravity and calculus from others before him, Being a master cake decorator does not make you a master baker (though I have always called him a masterbaker) So too Newton was merely good at window dressing and formal display, yet lacked that inventive spark of greatness the giants before him had so missed that two of his laws actually contradicted each other.

Newton failed in one primary area, and that was stored energy and energy over time, we all understand it costs more energy to pump a million litres of water in one hour than it does in one day, yet because Newton did not understand his own quotes of equals and opposites, he failed to note that the reverse was also true, where a small amount of energy could be used to pump a million litres of water over a week, still had the same result, however where such energy was stored. The gain was significant, in fact far more energy out than in. I will use Newton’s own power over time to defeat Newton’s Fallacy of not being able to get more energy out than in.

I will first show you over unity in math and a practical application every human on earth can understand, and all the math stays the same, and cannot be challenged as the outcome is visible. I use this example to show you that Newton was wrong, so we can dispense with laws of thermodynamics as 100 percent accurate.  The following machine has been validated by Electrical engineer from the Hydro turbine industry as 100 percent accurate. One should also note that vast amounts were allowed for losses, which though not really required as such vast loss claims themselves are really silliness, as all machines and turbines once provided power source have the same or similar losses.

So can I spend use 250 watt solar panels in machines and get 200,000 watts out? Of course I can, every day and a million times on Sunday and so can every human on the planet, HOWEVER , don’t go jumping up and down just yet, sure it can be done as easily as making a sandwich, really that easy, but the catch is time over energy it is not useless but the cost to build machines of value is too great for every day applications, great for a farm etc. 

This example is not the machine i bringing you in June, this is to show mankind that I am the person who has beaten both Newton and the energy industry, and when you read this and do the math without screaming that it is impossible first, you will know why it was validated as accurate and useable and further quite simple.  This machine and another on this list is so that when I say I have perfected a machine that will put out 20 megawatts an hour for about 1.5m plus turbine in construction costs, you will believe it, the June machines in series to provide Nuclear Level output. Plus you can build these for fun whilst you wait mini ones for schools to demonstrate stored energy and increased power.

The most common remark you will hear even once the math is clearly correct and the machine do more than claimed (I always go with understanding for the losses fanatics) is that ok so these work, but no one can build a nuclear level free energy machine. Which should be taken as seriously as noting that not 30 seconds before reading this, they were saying no one can produce usable free energy.
Ok calculators and pens at the ready and of course your mind to visualize this  (can’t draw for shit) but as these are things everyone knows this will be easy.

So we have a water pump. It is 250watts it is not a great pump, cheap so it only has a head of 7m and a flow rate of 7000 litres per hour (You can much higher heads and flow rates at that wattage I’m being generous), cost about $50. (everyone jumps online to check it) Pondmate 10000-DWP is a better 250w choice and the info for the better pup is at the end, this will also further blow your mind.

We have a water tank on a stand, the tank is a normal large 20,000 litre size of tank, though instead of 2m high it is only 1m high just wider. The tank is suspended in the air at 5m to the base of the tank.
Below the tank is the floor of another tank hard up against the floor above. We will imagine for a moment the upper tank is full, so normally we would now be looking at a full cup sitting in an empty cup, but we have legs so we cannot do that. So we have  the upper tank supported on and outer ring the tank below has vinyl curtain walls. Or to visualize, it is a like a children’s pool where the pool is under the upper tank, and the floor of the children pool is pushed up until it touches the one above and the walls collapsing as it goes up. Simple enough?

Ok, now the lower tank floor is a steel plate. The sides are simply on electric winders that raise the lower flower to meet the upper floor.

Ok now the upper tank floor is key to increased energy, it is simply a set of rubber edge louvers as the floor, sealed when closed but open using a solenoid style ram (one of my favorite toys) meaning it opens like a firing a gun very fast the same as a bank security window closes. The upper side of the louvers is curved, the louvers are centre hinged meaning they roll through the water not try to push it.

This is your machine. Now you need a turbine, this for a quick understanding though many types can be built for this I will use rack and pinion. This means like a spinning top works.

Underneath the second tank floor is an almost equal sized plate sitting atop a giant screw for the screw drive/rack and pinion that turns the turbine. ( look it could simply be a piston on a cam shaft if that is easier to see in your head.) So lets go.

The lower tank is down as is the screw plate or piston plate having completed its last cycle, the lower tanks is full of water. The 250watt per hour pump is turned on and pumps the water up to the upper tank, however at 6 meters to the top of the upper tank, it is now down to 1000 litres an hour. So it takes 20 hours o fill this thing. And costs how much (calculators out) 5000 watts of power correct?. So now the float at the top says full, The screw drive and lower tank are raised to meet the upper tank, the screw and plate just like a spinning top does not twist on the rise and is simply lifted by a small ram underneath at little cost in power per ton(of which you will see we have plenty), and the solenoid triggers the louvers to open. All the weight inside the tank some 20 ton is now instantly on the base of the lower tank and screw drive. The fall of the now lower tank/piston and output to power takes 30 seconds for the weight and tanks to reach the ground and complete the cycle.

 How much power was put out?

20,000 kilos/litres falling 1 metre x 9.81 (gravity) = 196200 joules divided by the 30 seconds fall time =  6540 watts x 5 meter fall = 32700watts.

 In 30 seconds the machine just put out 3.2 megawatts for an input of 5000 watts.

Newton and everyone else’s mistake was not to realize this, you see Newtonians get stuck on the watts per hour math. It took 20 hours to get the energy correct, so now people assume will say well you have to divide that by twenty to get watts per hour. No we don’t, not at all, if that power went into a grid connected inverter to the grid, that power is my power input, the fact it only goes in once every 20 hours is moot, I just supplied my years worth of power in a few weeks, Correct?

Look it doesn’t matter if the input is say twice that over 20 hours, because the actual power produced in 30 seconds from stored energy using gravity as a multiplier still leaves you with 2.2 megawatts over your cost. 

 In reality when you see the Pondmate output for 250watts you will fall of your chair. Again I try to go way under so that there can never be any thoughts of losses entering into the equation of my stated output.
A cute farm toy, where huge power is needed on occasion and only small power is available. And hey, it kicks the shit out of battery storage doesn’t it, because you can’t dump that much energy after 2O hours of panel to battery. So better power storage than a battery, and an increase using gravity as a multiplier for large volumes of stored energy. 

Cost effective? Depends on how easily the screw drive or rack and pinion turbines can be produced piston to cam shaft like a car would be cheapest though uglier. Or some other form of overhead cable or chain drive, locomotive dive etc etc. but the power is there and even the Newtonian math says that 5000 watts can dump min 2 megawatts into the grid every few days even removing over 1 megawatts for whiners about friction and losses go to the extreme of stupidity. 

So if there are 3 running on solar it is 2 megawatts every day, if there are 72 running it is every hour, if there are 720 running it is nuclear level output. That may seem extreme, but for no fuel and a lesser cost than a nuclear power plant, perhaps not. 

This is not the nuclear level one of which I spoke, this simply shows that This fully validate easy to understand cheap to build system already beats nuclear. And additionally Newton’s own laws.

End of lesson. 

I am The Mighty Quinn and I’m here all week.

If you are having trouble with the water pumping sufficiently to height over time with the stated pump in your head, this the actual data from the better pump noted above.

Response to request for data on the better performing 250w pump noted on the design doc, I requested data for “seven metres” vertical lift from output. This is a link to buy them Pondmate | Large Circulation | Vortex Pond Pumps | Dirty water
This was the response to save you all arguing over input costs and head flow.

Good morning Archie,
The Pondmate PM10000DWP has a Maximum head of 9m. At 7m you could expect around 4200lph.
Eric Smith
Creative Pumps
676 South Road
Glandore SA 5037
Phone: 08 8297 3800
Fax: 08 8297 8603
Toll Free 1800 607 388

What is coming June 2015 is something that can repeat this cycle in full every 120 seconds 24/7. At Approx $86,550,000 construction cost plus turbines for 1154 megawatts per hour output or a nuclear power plant level output “with no fuel” costs. This does not include surround costs such as building for housing them etc.
To those in the Nuclear Industry thinking you will publicly jump on the stats for the 3rd machine with losses just to get it under the 1154 megawatt per hour output (industry recognized nuclear plant average output) I have to disappoint you, I allowed for over 1200 megawatts in losses to arrive at that figure; so not even trying to include invisible loss ray from alien space craft will you succeed in trying to claim the output is lower.


Edison took 2000 attempts to make the light bulb, we did not call him names nor quote his failures, we simply acknowledge that he had succeeded with the claim it could be done, I only built 4 machines before a got the first one right, after that it was like unlocking that self doubt I did not even know I had, because the designs from many different methods just started pouring out, and all valid and incontestable in math by anyone (well any engineer) the beauty for me is that no engineer will speak against it publicly with his name and place of work, for all engineers around the world would know him a fool or a liar for the government or oil industries. Unlike Edison who did not hurt another industry save oil or gas lamps, I expect them to rave on about previous designs that did not work, about as relevant as calling an Olympic medalist a loser for race losses when they first started out. Does it work ? yes, that is the only question anything else is a distraction from what is an energy stock now worth in the new real world? 

I have now reached remarkable calmness, and am rewriting all of the designs text content without the swearing (I know it was entertaining for many)

It was pointed out to me that the world of children in all schools need to be able to read this and all the other designs so they will know the truth, and to leave a fully documented usable legacy that Tesla and many others did not.
A C Quinn November 17 2014

No 48) Full size Onsite Poster Printing. Multi Function –Mockups for Events – Print poster proofs full size in front of client & architect plans instantly onsite.

Mankind often jumps a few steps trying to advance technology as quickly as possible, but often miss great potential in existing technology that no new technology even 40 years later has been able to achieve.
I absolutory hate thermal printing for receipts, if I were in charge for one day I would have it made illegal as a rort by governments to allow the tax receipts to vanish so you cannot claim them, under the basis the fuckwit will always say, photocopy it, of course the fuckwit says that, fuck the environment printing twenty times as much paper as an original receipt right? Dickheads.
That being said it does have a purpose, an awesome big money purpose that should, if people are half smart sweep the world as a must have toy like an IPad.
WE simply take the standard portable scanner the one kids use pretty much. That is our casing and appearance the feed drive will be similar though instead of pulling in a doc for scanning it will pull on the thermal roll for printing. The beauty of the thermal printer from an old style fax machine, is that it was all casing, the actual thermal wand comment was tiny inside. Now we make it 1.2metres long, and integrate a USB port to print from USB and we add a sim card to receive from files the internet.
Now you are out at a site talking to your client, he is talking and you are roughly mocking up a poster in from of him on you IPad or laptop. The client seems happy, you send it to the device or load it to a USB stick and plug it in and press print, your 1.2 metre wide poster proof prints out right there. You tape it up to get a visual confirmation that the basic poster is good to go, size changes perspective and what may seem easy to read may not be and so on, you alter it and reprint on site.
With a minimum 20 metre roll you can proof a banner on the spot. Building plans are the best, they already look like a thermal print. Their lifespan is limited but in an emergency –oops forgot the plans 5000 miles from your office or printed the wrong version, Et Voila, problem solved and the client never knew, and you never worried. You are the builder you get to the site and the client tells you he had changes made, you ask him to email you the file et voila new set onsite instantly.
Sign writers can have their templates printed on the spot, hell you could even add a few cm to it and have a line reader pick up the black lines inside the device and perforate them for templates. (its actually how the roof of the Sistine Chapel was done. Ok we have a massive volume of separate industries now wanting this
This is my favorite part, white boards or big screen TV, don’t have one? It comes with a pop up stand so that it hangs down over a simple white back vinyl sheet. You simply press print and clip it at the bottom when done and just don’t cut it off with the slider at the top.

You can stand there in a room that previously had no way to give your presentation and do it all on the spot. Now we get really cool, we add interactive download, everyone gets online to the same page with their laptop or I pad, people write notes and make their changes on the screen and then we print. It is now what everyone wanted to say and show in front of the class or group. The teacher/sales manager going through each idea or change. It is better for a company or students to listen to others. You put up your hand with an idea and it gets dismissed. But when people see your idea, if it was worth something they may say hey, who did that? that’s pretty good, the people get heard and the company or others may benefit.
Don’t get sucked into western manufacture of the rolls, they will just be cunts like they are with printer ink, this Thermal paper shit cost fuckall then, it costs fuckall now, it’s simply longer, get it made in china and tell the thieving printer ink type thieves, your asshole is reserved for the tax man and the energy companies until June 2015. (BTW that ink shit cost under $400 for a 44 gallon drum) Yes this was another one I offered for free for someone to patent, the were in the events industry and I aksed would you like a patentable idea design for free? No response; buh bow

Yes I am The Mighty Quinn and I’m here all week (well at least until the cousin of No 47 on June 20th 2015 then I will be gone.)

Come on, sing it, you know you want to.

No 49) Twisting Physics for Pumping Stations.

Just to mess with your head, if you think you are a physics or math expert, let me show why Newton’s laws are merely a toy to me.

A water pump has a set head, the length of the draw or push will determine how much water can be pumped within a given time frame per hour. Common knowledge. Can you beat this?
Well actually you can to a large percentage, some know this and use it. If the pump is placed on a float in a tank of water it will draw from a higher point provider greater flow, reducing as it falls, so the gain is around 50 percent. 

Can anyone go one better? Can anyone have the float sitting on the water and not have it get any lower as the water goes down “and” still have the same length of draw or push??? Everyone is saying if the water goes down the draw becomes longer if the pump does not move, or if the pump lowers the push becomes greater. Not true, not in my Physics.

Lesson time Kiddies from The Mighty Quinn, a float in a boat beats the draw. Place your tank of water in a boat or floating container on another body of water. As you pump from your tank, the float lowers, however as the weight is removed from the boat/container the boat rises thus the pump stays at the same level of draw in height. Et voila Done.  Don’t let any Newtonian tell you they already knew that, or half the worlds pumping stations wouldn’t be designed the way they are, they would use half the power that they do if they had known this manipulation of physics.

Ooh Ooh go up the hands from the Newtonian dummies, How do you get the water back in the tank smarty without pumping it hey?? Answer that hey??? Easy dumbasses, put a solenoid scuttle hole in the tank that pipes to the outside of the boat idiots, pump out tank, open scuttle hole for required time tank fills required amount. Close. And again Done.

I am the Mighty Quinn and I am here all week

A C Quinn Nov 18th 2014

No 50) Defense Against Solar EMP – Electro Magnetic Pulse Capture Device

So we are looking at defense against a solar flare Electro Magnetic Pulse – It is not that complex, and EMP is merely signal in wave form, instead of sound it is magnetic wave form, Engineers do not call it that, hence the reason they have not solved the issue, wave form is normal in a series event to a normal physics person, yet to me the origin and destination of a signal is moot. In series as it is commonly seen we recognize magnetic induction as current in Sinus wave form, the dispersal of this current back into magnetic field directional or otherwise is still no less a transfer of the wave into a field and it isn’t really moving as such, it is expanding from the point of origin, a little like a blast wave does. 

However a magnet is always connected to its field, in this case the pulse generation ceases and the field in wave form continues its original path of expansion. To best understand it, take an electro magnet and turn it on, in slow motion you can see the field expand and then stop (under correct cameras of course and particle presence helps the visual) use of a computer switch for millisecond application will show the power off before the field reaches what it was going to reach anyway, and still does make it. The beauty of magnetic fields is they are elastic, that is very cool to watch, we see it without camera when two same pole magnets are quickly pushed into each other, the field bends and compresses then fires the two apart like a rubber band.

An EMP looked at from a man made point of view would equate to a Jacobs ladder without contact via the electrical charge jump seen as lighting or arc. The EMP rather than directional, spreads out like the ripples from a stone on a pond, so a wave.  The Sun when it emits a flare has in the past few decades been responsible for over twenty major power outages, yes it is true, and they just leave that out of the news. But you can hunt the records.

So how does one catch EMP? The same as we have always caught it for electric motors in coils, now you could surround you house or building with coils, but it would not be efficient.

It is half of a power production phase of the induction process. So we need to treat it that way, a wave running through the air is not unlike any wave form, it is broad, and unlike a formed current such as lightning will not easily hit a single coil, so it needs to be caught like one would catch a breeze with a kite, or air in a parachute in a broad manner.  EMP will still be drawn like all magnetic fields are drawn to each other.
The device comprises a dish shaped array, the dish/es should face the direction of the most likely impact point of a building, north is the primary face when referring to the sun, south is almost a non event provided the EMP does not travel through the building or perhaps vehicle. The dish array may be as near to flat as you like, and can actually be inside the structure itself within walls ceilings etc.

The array is two parts, it mirrors that primary assembly of a speaker with one main difference, the magnet that resides within a speaker is generally a static magnetic block, or pre-magnetized material.

This array relies on the EMP to be collected and induced into the “base coil or magnet replacement to and iron core centre. Thus providing the field of attraction from its own power. The secondary component is to disperse by conversion the power of the EMP itself, This is where the speaker style array of wire comes into play. We are going to convert the EMP to sound. HUH?? shake the heads of all the physics wonder brains. That’s impossible.     Really?? Ok if one wishes to validate my claim as accurate not simply in math or physics. You can try it for yourself.

Go and get a small radio of any sort, no go to the hardware store and buy a Pizzo; that is an electric ignition button for a BBQ. As you push on the Pizzo it create and electromagnetic pulse. Now put it near the radio and press the Pizzo, and the pulse converts to sound Et voila. EMP capture.

The radio will have a pre-magnetized base unit so will need to be turned on for full earth circuit, however there are some modern speakers that have coil magnets and will actually make the sound if earthed.
The array is simple two sets of wires run around the disk array one goes into the coil and one out to the second series of wires and back to earth. EMP will not run straight to earth as it is not induced into current, and as always all forms of energy take the path of least resistance, so the catch array is annealed copper wire exposed, the sound array is coated and attached to a vibration medium as with a speaker cone. Fortunately magnetic fields act like water and are somewhat cohesive in nature, as part of the field starts to become induced the surrounding field will follow it. We also know this from alternator behavior and the cutting of the magnetic fields and what happens to the field during induction, we do not end up creating Mini EMP blasts under the bonnet and killing the engine, the coils absorb 99 percent of the EMP, which is exactly what a cut field becomes for an instant.

Now normally a coil passes through north south fields to induce a current to a coil, in this case the field passes through the north south of two coil arrays.

If you are wondering how I thought of it, it was simple, when else does a field pass through the copper and is slowed or halted? Remember I said moving field. Easy, it’s as old as the hills, basic physics 101.
Take a copper tube and drop a fitting magnet down the tube so the field is travelling and the pipe is just a single wire coil. What happens? Exactly, That was my first clue, then EMF interference with radio signals, then the hunt for a mini EMP device the Pizzo and the rest well, you know the rest.  No I not do math, I left school at 13, no I don’t use grammar, she is grandpa’s to use. I simply see physics puzzles like a savant sees words in pages of math. Everything else is like a quantum computer, it can only deduce answers from the information programmed into it. 

The 50 device designs you see so far?, hell I have forgotten more ideas than that, but that is some 14 days worth. I have run electrical engineering firms and managed electrical wholesale companies, I have run resorts with hundreds of staff, so make no mistake I have had plenty of real world input, from carnival to the rodeo to the military, hell I could make your soap explode and blow your hand off in the shower by the time I was 11 years old.    Rofl keep saying the morons who fail to see I have always done exactly what I say I can do, yet still deny my place in history for achievements to date.

The first and still only person to have a magnet get itself out of a larger field that it was pulled into, the first to have over-unity and free energy validated.  Hence the shutdown of your world economy with the Mark 11 free energy dumped without patent and a mechanic level build. If you won’t grant me the respect, I will make sure I am remembered for teaching it to you. 

I know exactly what it will do, that is why I need six months till June to save money for the coming storm.

A C Quinn Nov 18 2014

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  1. Try learning the diference between energy (watt-hours) and power (watts). Dont berate physicists if you dont even understand those very basic concepts.

  2. You are an idiot, all the math is in watt hours, which is kilojoules to watts per second or a watt of power you idiot, I am an ex manager of and electrical engineering firm my self fuckwitt as well as an ex manager of Australia's largest electrical supplies company, and i can berate whoever i like, I beat newton before anyone else, and in 3 completely different methods. What's the matter pussy upset someone destroyed your hero newton? or beat you to the punch. I know you are not questioning engineer validated math, it is grammatical, go and annoy someone else. Some education for you Joules divided by the seconds it took to create them are watts of power, how many you use or produce in one hour are watt hours but nobody says watt hour is the real world. you also best ring every light bulb company that writes 60 watts on a bulb, because that according to you is a measure of power, when to everyone else it is what the bulb consumes in an hour.


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